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Grupo Musical
Barquisimeto, Urbanización El Ob...

We are a duo trap, we are of Venezuela / Barquisimeto, we look forward to your support to move forward. Contact: TheTwoTitansOFICIAL@hotmail.com - - - - thetwotitansoficial@gmail.com Subscribe to our channel soundcloud, so you're aware of the music that went up. Support By: @trap_mania @Monsterwolf

Grupo Musical
Barquisimeto, Urbanización El Ob...

We are a duo trap, we are of Venezuela / Barquisimeto, we look forward to your support to move forward. Contact: TheTwoTitansOFICIAL@hotmail.com - - - - thetwotitansoficial@gmail.com Subscribe to our channel soundcloud, so you're aware of the music that went up. Support By: @trap_mania @Monsterwolf

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Music Producers > VE > Barquisimeto

Music Producers for hire in Barquisimeto, VE

We have over 230,000 creative freelancers! Twine will help you find the perfect Music Producer for your project.

We are a duo trap, we are of Venezuela / Barquisimeto, we look forward to your support to move forward. Contact: TheTwoTitansOFICIAL@hotmail.com - - - - thetwotitansoficial@gmail.com Subscribe to our channel soundcloud, so you're aware of the music that went up. Support By: @trap_mania @Monsterwolf

Since: 2009 Genere (Generos): - House Music, Bass Music, Techno, Hip Hop, Rock Twitter: -@djterabite Instagram: -@DJTerabite MixCloud (only mixtapes): -mixcloud.com/djterabite Beatport: - dj.beatport.com/terabite Facebook Page: - facebook.com/terabiteVZLA - facebook.com/djterabite Crew: - ON.THE.GROUND - SHORT NECK BASS Booking (Contrataciones): - alejandroescalateran@gmail.com Alejandro Escala Teran a.k.a TERABITE es venezolano de la ciudad de Barquisimeto Tras años de asistir a eventos, fiestas, ser oyente y seguidor de diversos productores y DJ's de música electrónica, decide experimentar el mundo de la mezcla de beats y del DJing a mediados del 2009. En el 2010 se dio a conocer como DJ trabajando en diferentes eventos y fiestas en las cuales tuvo la oportunidad de compartir con talentosos artistas nacionales e internacionales de la escena electrónica adquiriendo técnica, experiencia y estilo propio de mezcla. En el 2011 decide comenzar a experimentar la producción de música electrónica. En el 2013 obtuvo apoyo teórico de producción básica en Ableton Live 9 de parte de DJ OR3X (DJ y Productor Barquisimetano y miembro de la Banda Musical Venezolana CASEROLOOPS, ganadores de 1 Grammy Latino.) El show de TERABITE es versátil, puede variar en géneros que van de 80 BPM hasta 170 BPM de acuerdo a la ocasión, tipo de evento y publico. Entre su colección musical podemos encontrar géneros como: CHILLOUT, REGGAE, DANCEHALL, HIP HOP, R&B, MOOMBAHTON, TWERK, DEEP HOUSE, HOUSE, TECH HOUSE, PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, ELECTRO HOUSE, FIDGET HOUSE, ELECTRO, TECHNO, TRAP, DUBSTEP, DRUMSTEP, DRUM&BASS, MUTANT BASS, JUKE, HARD STYLE y muchas otras nuevas vertientes y fusiones de los genros clasicos como: BALTIMORE HOUSE, DETROIT TECHNO, GARAGE UK, ACID UK, BASSLINE 4X4, GRIME, HIP HOP, REGGAE, POP Y ROCK fusionado con ELECTRÓNICA. A mediados del 2012 TERABITE creo un colectivo de Artistas Independientes Venezolanos llamada ON.THE.GROUND el cual esta conformada por(DJ's, Beat Makers, Productores, Fotógrafos, Diseñadores Gráficos, entre otros talentos y Artistas Venezolanos del mismo medio). ON.THE.GROUND promueve la música electrónica fusionada con otras artes a través de la realización de fiestas y eventos en las cuales participan diversos DJs y Artistas Venezolanos Independientes con el propósito de brindarte un show alternativo innovador de calidad y contribuir con el crecimiento profesional de los artistas que colaboran en el proceso. Alterno a este proyecto, pertenece oficialmente a "SHORTNECK BASS" (SNB) el cual es un colectivo de ELECTRONIC BASS MUSIC fundado en Barquisimeto/Venezuela e integrado por otros DJs y Productores Venezolanos con los cuales organiza eventos característicos del genero musical. A inicios del 2014 TERABITE es contactado por sello artístico ''LA ARTILLERÍA RECORDS'' de Barquisimeto/Venezuela, los cuales le ofrecen la oportunidad de integrarlo como miembro del sello y del crew de artistas que conforman dicho colectivo, de igual manera colabora con el colectivo SUBSONIC de Barquisimeto en eventos de HARD BASS MUSIC. Actualmente sigue en la búsqueda constante por mejorar su calidad de trabajo en general, esta abierto a trabajar con otros artistas y talentos del medio. Labels: ON.THE.GROUND - SHORTNECK BASS Patrocinantes Oficiales: ALTERNATIVE EVENTS - A.G. STUDIO - CINCO CARACAS --------------------------------ENGLISH VERSION-------------------------------- Alejandro Escala Teran aka terabite is a Venezuelan young of Barquisimeto city that after years of attending various events, parties, be faithful listener and supporter of several producers and DJs of electronic music, decide to venture in mid-2009 to experience the world of the mix of beats and the world of DJing as such. And in 2010 began to be known as a DJ attending various events and festivals held in which he had the opportunity to share the stage with major national and international talent of the electronic scene and has continued as has been progressing and acquiring expertise, experience and style of mixing. In 2011 the whole bit obsessed with music, the quality and variety of tracks to listen daily, began to experiment with the production of electronic music and continues to carry out this task as the whole mixture. His style is versatile in the scene may vary from genres ranging from 80 BPM to 170 BPM according to the occasion, among his collection of tracks and genres that handles can be found: DUBSTEP, MOOMBAH, FIDGET HOUSE, ELECTRO, TECHNO, DRUMSTEP, TRAP, MUTANT BASS, JUKE, TWERK and many other derivatives of HIP HOP BASSLINE and merged with electronics. Currently TERABITE with other alternative or underground talents, have a collaborative project called ON.THE.GROUND which is composed of different free style artists ( DJ's , producers and music , B -Boys , GRAFFERS , MC's , photography, painting , extreme sports, general design , among other talents. ) aim to promote culture , art and underground movement , hosting events where new talent of any of these scenes support . Alternate to this project, officially belongs to ''SHORTNECK BASS '' (SNB ) which is a collective of BASS MUSIC in the city of Barquisimeto / Venezuela with which organizes events of the characteristic genre. In early 2014 after monitoring and samples of good work being done TERABITE, which is becoming cleaner and better quality in terms of taste and musical mixture selection , in addition to having started with music production, contact you on behalf achieved the artistic stamp regional ''THE ARTILLERY RECORDS'' of Barquisimeto / Venezuela , which offer you the opportunity to integrate it as a member of the seal and crew of artists that make up this group so we can formally represent it in the middle, in thath way TERABITE also work with the crew SUBSONIC of Barquisimeto in HARD BASS MUSIC events. Currently still in the constant quest to improve their quality of work in general, is open to working with other artists and talents of the medium. Some of the DJ's who have shared the stage with TERABITE: EDITEK, M.I.D.I, MOREON, ZOUNDCOLECTOR, JUPA, BACONTINI, DR. CLAPP, ZARDONIK, PIPPO, ELEK7R, MISS SOFTKORE, EDZTROYER, MOISELINE, TESS, BAR MIKE A.k.a BOONK31, KAITH, BIG WILL, K12, HYPERACTIVIST ANALAURA+, IT'S OBVIOUS, OMIK, BUDDAMAN, LANK (U.S.A.), LM_, OMAR M, CISKO, MISS ISABELLE, EL TOSK, KELIB (FRANCE), SERGIO FEBRES, CLASH, BAMB, WATCHIT, XEZBET, BORIS KOTTUA, LEPRECHAUN, LEON KB(BRAZIL), CYCLOP(BRAZIL), PHILIP C(BRAZIL), DR DENEB, JED FX, BOATZ, SAIGON 84, SHIA, DJane FABS, ERNESTO BIANCHI, LUIS BORGES, CHEEWEE, MANDINGA, VIKKI, VINCE, CARLOSMANUEL, MODUZFUNK, CREEP, MIKE DIAMOND, DJ YNDRA(PTY), RASSDUB(PTY), DJ BUEN AFRO (PTY), ANDREW STHEFANS, COLECTIVO BASTARDO, FRANKLIN MDZ, DANIEL ACETO, DANIEL DRAM, WILLOW, DRUNKEN BASSTARDS, JUAN Q, CESAR QUINTERO, DANIEL SOTO, JOSE GABAS, GUSTAVO DURAN.

Kevin Rodriguez, is a musician, DJ, music producer based in Zulia, Venezuela. With a huge knowledge in terms of music he started DJing and producing house and techno music at the short age of 21, giving his music a tilt towards melodic and harmonic class and category. With the influences of artists such as Maceo Plex, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and natives Fur Coat! He has performed frequently in local nightclubs and events showcasing his vast collection and selection of tracks. Planning on attending major events and international gigs he struggles day to day on improving his skills playing and producing music, giving it a lot of dedication and time. Contact: kevinrodriguezdj@gmail.com

DJ and Producer Electronic of Venezuela Nightcore Party + info: ncpmusicofficia@gmail.com jgc9092@gmail.com +(00)58.528.74.18 talking Spanish, Galician, Portuguese and Italian


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