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Our best Music Producers in Hanoi, VN

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Hire our best Music Producers in Hanoi, VN:

Wave-vex Team

With the passion and enthusiasm toward music, we have gathered and established Wave-vex. The team is made of three young Hanoian individuals who have ...

Thien Van Dinh

#summer 18 years old amateur producer come from Vietnam Progressive house , tropical house


In love with Hybrid Trap and every kinds of Trap in the world. A 19-year-old producer from Vietnam, still noob but don't want to be forever noob :D ...

A.K.A V2L Northside

Tên: Vũ Việt Long Rap name : V2L Ngày sinh : 17/08/1991 Sống tại : Hà Nội Đến từ : Hòa Bình Email: v2l.entvn@gmail.com Underground ...

Manh Nguyen

Mail: maxbenderz@icloud.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manhnl

Sky The Reptile Fox

Making Dubstep & other electronic music thingy for fun, everything is just for fun. Sometime i do UTAU & Vocaloid-related stuffs. In Associa...


Hi, I'm ZjKjKun~ https://youtube.com/user/ZjKjKun I'm a Furry and I'm working on UTAU. List vocal: 獣音ロウ - Kemonone Rou. 狼音アロ - Rouon ...


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About Music Producers

A music producer is a ‘project manager’ for the recording of a song or track, just like a producer in the film industry. The music producer has an overall vision for the music, the sound and the goals of the project, and brings a unique perspective to inspire and assist artists to get the most out of their creative abilities. Music producers on Twine can help make your dream song a reality. A well-produced track can help massively grow your audience and. On Twine, you’ll find talented professional music producers with a wide variety of experience in almost any musical genre.

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