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Hire our best Orchestras:

Tom Vinelli

To echo Bravenote s[About] I'm honored to have a place to display what i do for music. The talent here is what i call Crazy good . The idea is to dis...

Christopher Reeves

Hello! my name is Christopher Reeves, would should be enough information for you to understand why i can't use my real name as a Display. Im a compose...

Digital Instrumental

What is Digital Instrumental? Digital Instrumental is a own-made song provider that use all of digital instrumental types that combined in/with FL St...


#Mixed and #mastering price for 20$!In multitrack! Equipment used: AKAI mpd16, M-Audio Keyrig 49, T.C.Electronic Konnekt 6, JBL LSR305, Senheiser HD4...

Carlos Guido

Sorpresa! es un tema que escribi (Letra , musica y arreglos) basado en la letra de otro tema ya muy conocido..."la vida te da sorpresas....."...

Panda Sasa

I make Game Music.Cinematic.Orchestral Sound. Twitter https://twitter.com/panda_dtm MAIL yhuous.ihcihoi012@gmail.com


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