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Alex Whewell Raczkowski
London, United Kingdom

Mumbl3s DJ local to East London, Mixing & Producing underground Techno & Deep House. For Booking E-mail: mandraraczkowski@gmail.com Phone: 07515884150

Alex Whewell Raczkowski
London, United Kingdom

Mumbl3s DJ local to East London, Mixing & Producing underground Techno & Deep House. For Booking E-mail: mandraraczkowski@gmail.com Phone: 07515884150

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Mumbl3s DJ local to East London, Mixing & Producing underground Techno & Deep House. For Booking E-mail: mandraraczkowski@gmail.com Phone: 07515884150

| Music Production Group | Radio-Ready Hip Hop & R&B Beats | London | Need Beats?

-------------------------------- VISIONMUSIC PROMOTION -------------------------------- music pr / promotion services>>> CONTACT - VISION@VISIONMUSIC.CO.UK Ahead of the curve now for over 15 years , Vision was one of the first agencies to offer a wide range of Promotional / PR and Booking services under one roof. We have vast experience in all aspects of PR and Promotion At Vision and we believe our skill set, creativity and vast range of contacts can help Artists / Labels / Brands and Events develop and expand within the music industry and beyond. We mastermind campaigns to reach and influence the youth market, resulting in exposure, awareness and most importantly, increased sales. We have the knowledge, creativity and passion to reach our sector like no other, and bring a fresh and dynamic approach to PR and digital marketing for our clients. What We Offer Some of our Promotional services include: ▪ Press promotion / PR / Copy creation ▪ Radio promotion ▪ Blog / website / magazine / newspaper coverage ▪ Website management ▪ Social network management ▪ Targeted marketing ▪ Brand product placements / endorsements and sponsorships ▪ Content seeding (video, audio, copy) ▪ Video creation / promotion ▪ Club Promo / Remix management Clients: Commercial / Pop / Dance Sony / Eone / EMI / Universal / Pet Shop Boys / Chic / Nile Rodgers / Kelis / Grace Jones / Mirror Signal / Sneakbo / N Dubz / Ralph Myerz feat Snoop Dogg / Annie / Schiller / Alistair Albrecht / etc… Electronica / Leftfield Andrew Weatherall / Ulrich Schnauss / Unkle / Bobmo / Vadim / A Guy Called Gerald / Gramme / Tummy Touch Records / Compost Records / Tirk / NRK / Terry Farley / Steve Cobby / Headman / Shock One / Black & Blunt / Phetsta / Venetian Snares / The Asphodells / Mighty Mark / Parra For Cuva etc… Indie / Rock PIAS / Ingrooves / Cooking Vinyl / Ian Brown / Robin Guthrie / Polyphonic Spree / Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti / Evi Vine / Poppy Ackroyd / Nav-Attack / Blacktop Mojo / Satellites / Small Engine Repair / Half Man Half Biscuit / Television Personalities / Rocket Girl Records / Denovali Records etc… Hip-hop & Urban Raekwon / Ice Cube / Wu Tang / Ghostface / Kanye West feat Malik Yousef / Furious 5 / Sugarhill Gang / Faith Evans/ Pharoahe Monch / Talib Kweli /Bashy / Charlie Sloth / Doppelgangaz /etc… Brand / Event PR Woodhouse / Swingfest / Channel 5 Gadget Show / Carhaart / Stussy / Ubisoft / G-Shock etc… Testimonials "Neil and Chris have asked me to pass their thanks to Vision for making it happen." - Pet Shop Boysx Urban Music Awards 2014 – Vision Music is nominated for Best Music PR Company 2015/02/03 “Vision did an excellent job of helping the Unkle feat Ian Brown track into the UK Top 40. They have promoted all of our singles since then.” – Andrew Archer (Global Underground) “The team at Vision did an amazing job on my project securing some great press in the biggest tabloid papers and magazines in the UK. Charlee and the team are very professional, the communication was great and the weekly data/statistics were very helpful and on point. I always like to make sure the people I work with are the best in their field and I say with confidence I believe Charlee and his team are very much on top of their game!” – Charlie Sloth (Recording Artist) “You did a fantastic job on my compilation album and i would like to work with you again.” – Ulrich Schnauss “Great work on the Greg Wilson , Architeq and Space albums.” – Sav Remzi (TIRK RECORDINGS) “Vision Music Promo is a PR agency that some of my clients use. They come highly recommended! Cheers” – Arielle Fischer (inGrooves)

Expo Records is a label of Electro/Dubstep & House music. Send your Demo at: Records.expo@gmail.com or send a private message on soundcloud with the url of track. Visit out website: www.hertzsociety.net Visit our facebook page in the link below. https://www.facebook.com/ExpoRec/

#musicproduction#livesoundpriduction#beatmaking#audioengineer#mixingengineer#recordingengineer#sounddesigner#livesoundengineer#Dj#hiphop#dubstep#drumandbass#blues#soul#funk#electronicmusicproducer#acousticguitar#beatbox#streetart#musictherapy#ambientmusic#chillout progressive#liquiddrumandbass#liquiddnb#edm#experimental I am currently completing my last year of university studies for my BA (Hons) in Live Sound Production at the West London University. As #music producer I have worked with live #instrumented bands, orchestras, in various location, #location recordings. I enjoy working with a variety of musical styles including #EDM #electronic dance music, #Hip Hop, #Electronic, #Blues, #Funk, #Dub Step, #Electro Progressive, #Trip Hop, #House and pretty much anything I enjoy. I have produced my work using DAWs like #Logic x #Logic Pro 9 and #Ableton. Some of my work is uploaded on #Soundcloud which you can access directly:. EPK (electronic press kit) #Website; https://tempotepproduction.wordpress.com/ #DAWs productions: https://soundcloud.com/tomaso-ascoli #Live band recordings: https://soundcloud.com/tempo-uwl-#live-sound #fb: https://www.facebook.com/TempoTEP/?fref=ts My current uploads are all works in progress and as such, do not show their full potential just yet. Email: tomaso.ascoli@gmail.com Tomaso Ascoli a.k.#Tempo TEP

The Official Exclusive Deejay bluemoon™ Channel. London's No.1 Party DJ | Artist & Producer | Bluebox Music Group | Bluebox Radio Active | Verified © BlueboxMzikii Read More: [http://deejaybluemoon.blogspot.co.uk/] █║▌│█│║ Certified ® | Bluebox Radio Listen: [http://blueboxradioactive.blogspot.co.uk/] TuneIn : [http://tunein.com/radio/Bluebox-Radio-Active-s272848/] Services *************************************************************************************** Club , Parties and Radio Shows I offer a professional touch to that party setting, club and radio shows. I can work under no supervision and same time do not mind correction. Radio And Social Media Promotion Getting a target audience is an important component of a successful promotion. Having worked with various groups I can successfully carry out the task. Product Launches and Promotion Highlighting an introduction of a new product is a vital part of a promotion strategy. Creating the right ambience will help establish the rapport with your clientele. My music is now available on all music stores including spotify. [https://open.spotify.com/artist/5y3YDoIHwhJ99cKJ6JNOBo] To find out more about my services and how to access them, inbox me. On All Social Media @deejaybluemoon

KENNY MULLIGAN (ACID ARMY) * Kenny Mulligan is a true champion for the original Acid sound and earlier European Techno. He loves to play the more deeper and raw side of Techno and Acid, and is currently into the new wave of Acid music coming out of the UK and Europe right now. Raised by hippies in the 70s on the south side of Glasgow, Kenny was exposed at a very early age to the more experimental psychedelic and avant garde sounds of the 60s & 70s and at the age of 12, he was already listening to the likes of Kraftwerk, Can and other psychedelic prog rock artists. At the age of 13, he soon discovered Electro and Hip-hop and started spinning records at the local youth clubs experimenting with sound, wiring up bits of equipment so that he could create interesting mixes of psychedelic music, hip-hop and scratching. He then moved to London and in 1988, at the age of 15, he came upon his first acid house rave in the local area and instantly connected with the acid house movement. Lucky for him he was living on a high point in London, where he could get a good radio signal and started listening to all the pirate radio stations, studying hard and taking notes during the shows. He then got his first set of Technics turntables and spent days in record shops buying the latest Acid, New Beat and Techno vinyl releases. Around 1989 he returned back to Glasgow with his new collection of vinyl and at the age of 16 was given his first DJ gig at the legendary Bat Cave (first acid house venue in Glasgow) playing at an under 18's rave. The promoters could not believe it when they heard this young kid playing such quality music. Following this, Kenny went on to play the harder and deeper sounds of acid & techno from Europe and Detroit. He started promoting parties for young adults and became the local link between Glasgow and London, exposing the latest dance tunes bought on his visits to London. In 1993, he came back to live in London and instantly connected with the free party scene, hitting various squat parties and witnessing the birth of UK/London Acid Techno, following sound systems such as Virus, Jiba, Vox Populi, Insanity, Large Salad Discoteque , Spiral Tribe, Exodus Collective, Immersion and the Liberators DJ’s.Around this time, he also formed the ‘Acid Army’ crew with fellow DJ’s and artists who made it their mission to promote the more underground and heavier side of Techno. At the end of the 90’s, Kenny took a few years out to concentrate on family life, but returned some years later to follow his passion for music and reconnected with the underground party scene. Since then he has been developing his own sound and played some storming sets at parties such as Deep Acid, Retro Traxx Festival, Pirate Club, Aurora Festival, Virus Sound System ,DON'T, Surplus Festival . and many other warehouse raves / squat parties and other venues in and around London and UK. He also runs the ‘Philanthropy’ party benefit nights, which aim to raise money for a London homeless project, bringing together like-minded DJ’s and electronic artists for this worthy cause. Further to this, he has built strong connections in Belgium and Holland, coordinating radio shows for Stationsonparticulier (Belgium) and his current monthly radio show ‘Elemental’ for Pure Radio (Holland), which has showcased some quality DJ’s and producers who play Acid and Techno. He is also has a monthly show called THE SPOTLIGHT on the south London's alternative community radio station Optical Radio where once a month he invites to play new music and using his Journalist skills interviews DJ's and artists that he see's as ground breakers across the electronic music scene . Kenny has recently been creating an experimental all day event called RESONATE at his friends record shop Vinyl Deptford where every 6 weeks he invites DJ's and live artists to jam together and socialize in this unique gathering of heads / misfits / Hippy s punks and Sunday rollovers . Recently Kenny has launched a new record label called DIRTY SLATES RECORDS . which is testament to his avant garde taste , involving / house / acid /techno /industrial/ experimental/ electro synth and anything weird Using names such as S.M.W.(strange mysterious weirdo ) & Kinetic Headspin . Further more Kenny recently has fulfilled a life long ambition and has went back to his homeland roots of Glasgow Scotland Called THE WAX FACTORY again , staying true to his core reference of love bringing together DJ'S & Artists who play all genres across the electronic kingdom.Here are links to . Kenny Mulligan - ACID ARMY ( Warrior of the 303 & Authentic Techno )

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I'd definitely recommend Twine. Great service!

Anthony, CEO of BYMYGO

The redesign has taken our brand to the next level

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