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Ricardo Saenz
Santiago, Chile

Recording studio , live performances recording , rehearsal room

Ricardo Saenz
Santiago, Chile

Recording studio , live performances recording , rehearsal room

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Recording studio , live performances recording , rehearsal room

UTCH is a reflection of a crew of underground artists based on conceptual techno music as well as intelligent electronic and independent visual art. What we want to say is that musical concept is very much valued within our crew. Musically we focus on unknown and barely explored substyles, of scientific and experimental atmospheres, which as a final product give us tracks of excellent conceptuality and anatomy. The Ripped, Inigo Kennedy, Orphx, Stanislav Tolkachev, Tef, Michaelangelo, Diego Hostettler, Elektrabel, Deepbass, Nax Acid, Mark morris, Casual Violence, Logotech, Scam, Coefficient, 88uw, Tadeo, Future 16, DarkCell, Jeroen Search, Unam Zetineb, George Paar, Ideal Flow, Zrk, Obtane, Kwartz, Marco Piovesan, A.Paul, Joseph Mc Geechan, Andrea Belluzi, Vegim, Realmz, Angelo Krizashi, Gronotek, Systemic, Mirko S, Blind Summit, S Tek, Tosi, Sebastian Cohen, Magdalena, Dave Ellesmere, Sebastian Bayne, Synus 0006, Kryss Hypnowave, Patrick Krieger, Adriano Giliberti, I1 Ambivalent, Ntogn, Matias Prieto, Komabase, Kinko Acid, Federico Sahne, Paul Mg, Durcheinander, Alexander D`niel, Dj Datch, Revolver Voltex, The wired machine, The Noisemaker, Fabrizio Lapiana, D.Nemets, Ross Alexander, Zair, Paul Farrel, Robert Pain, Jay Wong, Ronin aka p.c.m.n, Tyler Smith, Thanatos, Q'le, Andrea La Bombarda, Unevenratio, Marco Piovesan, Marco Parodi, Christian Bloch, Voco Derman, Loudon Kleer, Brad Lee, Victor Martinez, Gunjack, Richard Hinge, Metamann, Invexis, Kazu Kimura, Energun, Kev Willis, Brixton, Tuomas Rantanen, Daniela Haverbeck, Dialect, Blind Summit, Ed-209, Solitude Suite, Hqz, Asagaoaudio, Charlton, Education Through Pain, Doryk aka Pcmn, M-42, Kuniaki Takenaga, Luis Ruiz, Carlos Rios & Patrick Dsp, Iñaki Villasante, Tony Silver, The Invid, Efx, Marc Orion, Kodji, Life in mono, Francisco Allendes, Christopher Go, Devil Fish, Hiroshi Oki, Koichi Kimbara, Doc, Sina M. Solouk, Miteigi nemoto, Qvo Vadis, Fanon Flowers & Leticia Castañeda... Demos for inbox message or to utch@utchcorporation.com Before sending your demos, please read this first! Please send us your demo in a direct link to check your work, via soundcloud or dropbox. This basically because we don’t need to download your music to realize that you are an artist with whom we could work. If we like your stuff and we think you're an artist with an interesting sound, we will send an email back and we will give indications of the format in which you have to send us your tracks, normally these would be in 24bits,-6dB, 44100Hz. We will try to respond as soon as possible but on occasion can take a bit of time according the tasks of the label. http://utchrecords.com/utch-concept/

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Anthony, CEO of BYMYGO

The redesign has taken our brand to the next level

Ed, CEO of Game Sessions

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