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Bhattree Vile.

Bhattree Vile is a New York base multi-disciplinary designer. She passionate in wide range of design, from human living scale such as interior archite...

Caleb Wolf

My story... i'm obsessed with the arts and creative process. I've studied film, Production Design and Costume, Makeup & Styling. I love creating a...


Creative wild inspiring visual Canadian artist for amazing and astonishing Art. #artist #illustrator #photographer #visualartist #storyboard #cdcover ...

Alexsey Zyazev

Awards for TV design: PROMAX & BDA INTERNATIONAL 2010 Los Angeles - Silver Design Award for the Best Set Design - серебрянная нагр...

Gabriella Renka

Hi there, Im Gabriella, a graphic designer who has graduated this year with a massive smile on the face. I specialise in experimenting with a wide v...

UiUx Builder

UI/UX engineer , IOS App Design , iWatchApp Design , Material Design methodology ,iPhone, iPad, Android, Web Dashboard UI/UX, Website Design,Tablet,...

Avie Landicho

19 years old. Fast learner, hardworking, team player and hungry for knowledge :)

Angela Lezama

These are the projects of Angela Lezama as a Fashion Designer she wishes to portray her thoughts of fashion into her designs. "I`m tempted to be...


Hymns (Arabic: تَرَانِيْمْ get started 28 May 2015) is a Trance, Uplifting, EDM, Pop, R&B, Country, Classic, Echos and Oriental {Arabic...

Shakersign Creativesign

No Roles

Hi, we are engaged in graphic design and we try to help you to the needs of the business you run, if you have a need in graphic design for your busine...


________________The thought of TRAUMA goes in a specific way, electronic music oriented to the dance floor. Its purpose is to get pure hedonism of eac...


Remaster, Sample, Custom Beats, Kartel Kush, Screwed Up Records, G59 Records. Rapper/Producer, all beats are free, Give full credit. email- marcus9991...


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