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INDICE COMPLETO AGGIORNATO http://www.cddindex.blogspot.it/ BLOG DEL CDD ATTIVI http://www.paoloferrarocdd.eu http://www.paoloferrarocdd.com http://www.paoloferraro.it http://www.paoloferrarocdd.blogspot.it http://www.cddgrandediscovery.altervista.org http://www.paoloferrarocdd.altervista.org ( Sito " leggero" ) PAGINE SCOOP COLLEGATE http://www.scoop.it/t/paolo-ferraro-magistrato-cdd http://www.scoop.it/t/cdd http://www.scoop.it/t/cdd-comitato-difendiamo-la-democrazia http://www.scoop.it/t/cdd-storia http://www.scoop.it/t/cdd-informazione-economia LA GRANDE DISCOVERY CDD (memoriale completo, link ipertestuali, video audio, ivi compresa banca dati progetto MK- ULTRA ) http://paoloferrarocddgrandediscovery.blogspot.it/ http://paoloferrarocddgrandediscovery.blog.com/ http://paoloferrarocddgrandediscovery.wordpress.com/ BLOG PSICHIATRIA E PSICOLOGIA DEVIATE http://www.cddpsichiatriaepsicologiadeviate.blogspot.it/ CANALI VIDEO CDD http://www.youtube.com/user/CDDpaoloferraro/videos http://www.youtube.com/user/paoloferraroCDD/videos http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD0dtXwueoCi8vQgCOkkB4Q https://vimeo.com/user8636535/videos VIDEOCONFERENZA PERMANENTE (iscrizione gratuita da Fb od altro ) http://www.so.cl/#/party/9122?f=link&i=1CCL.kt7uaMBxw60u&r=1&n=CDD SU FB https://www.facebook.com/PAOLOMAG http://www.facebook.com/PAOLOFERRARODUE http://www.facebook.com/PaoloFerraroTre GRUPPO https://www.facebook.com/groups/CDDComitatodiCoordinamentoDifendiamolaDemocrazia/ PAGINA PRINCIPALE https://www.facebook.com/pages/CDD-Comitato-Difendiamo-la-Democrazia/220264781353085 PAGINA CDD Psichiatria e Psicologia Deviate https://www.facebook.com/CddPsichiatriaePsicologiaDeviate MAIL ccdd.difendiamolademocrazia@gmail.com paoloferrarocdd@gmail.com MAIL2 pafer3@libero.it CELLULARE 3929069339 INDIRIZZO SKYPE paolo.ferraro65 INDIRIZZO ooVoo paoloferraro http://www.123homepage.it/paoloferrarocddgrandediscovery http://paoloferrarocddgrandediscovery.blogspot.it/ CANALI VIDEO CDD http://www.youtube.com/user/CDDpaoloferraro/videos https://vimeo.com/user8636535/videos SU FB https://www.facebook.com/PAOLOMAG http://www.facebook.com/PAOLOFERRARODUE http://www.facebook.com/PaoloFerraroTre https://www.facebook.com/groups/CDDComitatodiCoordinamentoDifendiamolaDemocrazia/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/CDD-Comitato-Difendiamo-la-Democrazia/ INDIRIZZO SKYPE paolo.ferraro65

I'm a passionate producer of an array of music. For beat or any type of music inquiries email me at adamsbroderick@gmail.com

What I want is that my artistic skills help the company generate more $$$, and I'm good at it! People often say that I am a complete "marketing agency", because I am able to run all levels of the process, including: briefing, campaign planning, development of the product, implementation, etc. As an Art Director, I’m able to: • Analyze user demands, seasonality trends, combining with with forecast tools; • Analyse user experience (UX), gain further insights by deep diving into Analytics; • Provide implementation guidance & hand hold throughout process; • Observe changes to ranking and traffic levels and refine strategy, using analytics to understand new user’s intent; As Albert Einstein once said “The mind that opens to a new idea never return to its original size”, my wish is that I be able to OPEN THE MIND of all that I can achieve with MY WORK!

RONNIE'SPORTCOAT'OVERTON Musical BIO Known for his unique Bass playing and ability to play all styles of music including R & B,Rock & Roll,Blues,Country and Jazz! In 1972,Ronnie'Sportcoat'Overton traveled as the Bass Guitarist for Ronnie Mcneir's Instant Groove Band,touring with Motown legend Kim Weston,until 1978. From 1980 until 1988,Ronnie'Sportcoat'Overton traveled as the Bass Guitarist and band director for the 50's doo-wop vocal group The Del-Vikings,which had such hits as,Come Go With Me,and Sunday Kind of Love. Ronnie'Sportcoat'Overton's first solo project,When The Smoke Clears,is a collection of 12 original jazzy tunes,based on his own life experiences! It has been described in part as music with sensuous nature designed to cover a broad range of moods and emotions. In the process of creating When The Smoke Clears,he had the opportunity of working with other very talented Pontiac,Michigan musician,Ronnie Mcneir(Currently touring with The Four Tops! While working with Ronnie Mcneir,Ronnie'Sportcoat'Overton has cut 4 albums with his long time friend,as well as recording a numerous number of tracks that have been recorded by the late motown legends,David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks,just to name a few!! Embracing a new and exciting phase of his career,Ronnie thanks his heavenly father for watching over him and giving him the strength that has enabled him to make it thus far in his life and his career!!! Ronnie'Sportcoat'Overton has just recently released his latest solo project,Mind Therapy,August,22,2014. Another collection of 14 toe tapping,soul grabbing,rhythmatic tunes(7 original tunes and 7 cover tunes) created to fulfill the hole in your soul!!!!!!!


A-BOS ENT Music Contest - For all you fans who have always wanted to get involved in the music making process here is your BIG CHANCE!!! A-BOS wants YOU! the fans to STAR in his upcoming movie and videos for his Mix-Tape 3 fans will be selected to STAR/CO-DIRECT a video! Fans should be able to travel or live in ILLINOIS area -HOW TO WIN- 1.)LIKE A-BOS PRESENTS ENTERTAINMENT ON FACEBOOK 2.)FOLLOW @abosmusic ON TWITTER 3.)SUBSCRIBE TO ABOS09 ON YOUTUBE 3 fans will be selected and announced on A-BOS PRESENTS ENTERTAINMENT ON FACEBOOK @abosmusic ON TWITTER ABOS09 ON YOUTUBE The fan with the most likes,repost (@A-BOS PRESENTS ENTERTAINMENT -ON FACEBOOK),favorites and retweets (@abosmusic -ON TWITTER) ,and/or Youtube likes and views (@ABOS PHONZERELLI -ON YOUTUBE) will win BONUS PRIZES!!! 1.)SHOUT OUT ON MIX-TAPE 2.)COLLECTION OF A-BOS MIX-TAPES 3.)PERSONALLY INTERVIEW A-BOS If you haven't heard about A-BOS yet then you are about to! OHHWEE!!!,A-BOS is back at it again!More songs,better quality,HD videos,and that same A-BOS sound all you fans have grown to LOVE!Accept this time he needs YOU! Thats right YOU!!! A-BOS is looking for Fans,RAP Artist,DJ's,Dancers,Singers,Producers,Engineers,Promoters,Venues,Models,Camera Men...To feature on his up coming Mix-Tape/Movie NO FEE!!!!! NO FEE!!!!! NO FEE!!!!! AND SINCE THEIR IS NO FEE THIS OPPORTUNITY IS ONLY FOR ARTIST WHO ARE TRYING TO TAKE THEIR CAREER TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!! I LEARNED FIRST HAND YOU GOTTA GET YOUR STREET BUZZ UP BEFORE YOU GET YOUR $ UP EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO PAY THEIR OWN EXPENSES FOR ANY SERVICES NECESSARY TO FEATURE ON THE PROJECT This is my THANK YOU to the streets and independent artist who make the little people into big people -HOW IT WORKS FOR ARTIST/SINGERS- EMAIL TRACK OR LINK TO YOUR ARTIST PAGE TO abosbusiness@gmail.com MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE ARTIST NAME,UP TO DATE EMAIL, AND LOCATION IN EMAIL ARTIST WHO CANT TRAVEL NEED ACCESS TO UPLOAD HIGH QUALITY VOCALS AND DOWNLOAD INSTRUMENTAL -HOW TO WIN- 1. Email beat with hook & (or) verse to abosbusiness@gmail.com 2. The song will be uploaded to : A-BOS PRESENTS ENTERTAINMENT -ON FACEBOOK @abosmusic -ON TWITTER ABOS PHONZERELLI -ON YOUTUBE THE BEST QUALITY AND MOST POPULAR SONGS/ARTIST WILL BE SELECTED (all genres accepted pop,country,rock...) UP TO 10 ARTIST WILL BE SELECTED email abosbusiness@gmail.com for more info -HOW IT WORKS FOR PRODUCERS/BEAT SUBMISSIONS- ONLY SUBMIT INSTRUMENTAL IF FREE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS APPLY TO USE INSTRUMENTAL FOR PROJECTS EMAIL TRACK OR LINK TO YOUR ARTIST PAGE TO abosbusiness@gmail.com -FOR MODELS/DANCERS- EMAIL PICS/VIDEOS abosbusiness@gmail.com (MODELS/DANCERS should be able to travel and/or live in ILLINOIS area) This is my THANK YOU to the streets and independent artist who make the little people into big people,

* Beatmaker based in Brussels * A fusion of jazz, soul & breakbeats * Bring you back to the 90's hip hop era * For any enquiries: flow93.prod@gmail.com

BALANCE OF LIFE PHILOSOPHY: LIFE IS LIKE YIN & YANG SEKILAS TENTANG DUAKEPING: S.O.D = SOUL OF DUAKEPING adalah Reinkarnasi dari nama sebelumnya DUAKEPING. S.O.D sendiri adalah salah satu Band Progresif Indonesia. Berdomilsili di kota Jakarta dan Tangerang. Aliran musik kami pengaruh dari Aliran British Rock (Brit Rock) dan Digirock (Digital Rock). S.O.D hadir dalam lingkup persahabatan yang hangat yang penuh cinta dan penuh motivasi ..memiliki komitmen dan keinginan kecil untuk saling berbagi "Kebahagiaan" dalam banyak hal kepada semua mahluk terutama untuk orang orang yang paling terdekat dengan para personel nya dengan "Tanpa Keterpaksaan" serta saling mendukung satu dan lainnya..S.O.D memiliki prinsip prinsip yang realistis dan berusaha menekan segala "Ego". Berupaya menjadikan S.O.D berarti dan bermanfaat buat semuanya. Cinta dan Persahabatan bagi SOUL OF DUAKEPING sangatlah berarti karena itu kami mengajak semuanya untuk Berbahagia bersama, berusaha menjauhkan energi negatif dan meningkatkan energi positif kepada semua yang mencintai dan menjadi bagian dari lahirnya kembali (Reinkarnasi) DUAKEPING menjadi SOUL OF DUAKEPING..Ayo nikmati musik musik kami dengan cinta dan perdamaian..We love you Guys..we don't mean nothing without you...!! About Soul Of Duakeping About Soul of Duakeping: "DUAKEPING is one of progressive Indonesian Band who born in Base of Tangerang City and Jakarta. They music Genre influence by British Rock and Alternative but Easy Listening. QUEEN, MUSE, OASIS, COLDPLAY, U2, SUEDE, MAROON FIVE, THE BEATLES, PADI, PETERPAN, THE ROCK, DEWA, ANDRA AND THE BACKBONE, SHEILLA ON SEVEN, and many more it's most of the Favorite Bands who become reference. Duakeping comes within the scope of a loving friendship and full of commitment and motivation. they have little desire to share the "Happiness" with Music in many respects to people and all creatures in the earth, especially for those who are most close to them with "No Compulsion" as well as mutual supporting one and others. Duakeping have realistic principles and trying to suppress any "ego" to make Duakeping meaningful and useful for all. Love and Friendship for Duakeping it’s very Important. Cause They therefore invited all to be happy together. Try to change negative energy to increase positive to all who love and became part of Duakeping because Duakeping it’s mean “BALANCE OF LIFE”. Please invite or join with us for make the world brightness, peaceful and harmony. LET'S KEEP OUR TOGETHERNESS WITH ALL LOVE AND SINCERITY. Let's enjoy with the music by love..by Soul Of Duakeping" >> INDRAWAN (INDRA MIRACLES) > LEAD VOCAL & GUITAR >> JHOSUA (YOZZ BEER) > DRUMMER >> HARDI (LEAD BASS) >> ANGGA SASTRA PUTRA (ANGGA) > LEAD GUITAR ADDITIONAL PLAYER: >> FEBI ADRIAN (FB) > LEAD GUITAR >> ARIO BRAMANTI (RIO JEDO) > LEAD BASS >> DENI JUNIARDI (DENI) > ADDITIONAL KEYBOARD Our Contact: Email : duakeping-band@mail.com Office Mail: soulofduakeping@musician.org Gmail : duakeping@gmail.com Yahoo : duakepingband@yahoo.com Twitter : @duakeping Phone : +62857 8004 9093 +62816 111 4647 Contact Person: Mr. HARRY TJASMO 86 Blackberry ID: 52B81DA2

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