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Alfred Kabaya
Perth, Australia

Play the game homie dont let it play you !

Alfred Kabaya
Perth, Australia

Play the game homie dont let it play you !

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Vocalists for hire in Perth, AU

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Play the game homie dont let it play you !

I'm a Western Australian Rapper and Music Producer. i love dark grimy hip hop. But i will get into any subject, nothing is taboo for me. i love party music, i love gangsta music, i love nerd rap and i even love trap music. music is my addiction. I dabble in beat making in my small @home studio, hit me up if you want/need something for your project, my prices are very competitive. other than that, i love to collab with people worldwide. I've had tracks featured on www.Faygoluvers.net/v5 several times. (the tracks were 'Favourite Porno, MAdness and Mindfuck Cypher. and my Group EP 'descent into madness' was featured in the free music section. i don't charge for collabs, just hit me up with a beat/concept and i can usually knock something out within a week. This is a hobby for me, i aint trying to get rich making music. i tried a decade ago and failed miserably, now im just in it for fun. Disclaimer: DO NOT hit me up for collabs if you gunna be like yeah boi, ill work wtih you for a few hundred dollars. if you like my stuff, ill work with you, but im about reaching people. not money. I am also part of 2 groups: The Grimm Brotherhood - Myself and another local artist Soulless, this our my truly dark music. pure horrorcore at its finest. PIRATE GANG - My Theatrical Death Rap project, comprised of 3 members; Myself, JiffyLong and sketchez. it is all rap to death metal styled beats. Instagram - @novocaine_bck

Aussie underground emcee OptiMystic has been working hard towards his latest hip hop project, the ‘Day of the Guiding Light’ album. Most definitely no stranger to the music scene, OptiMystic has been manifesting dreams, making connections and spreading his vibe the only way he knows how… with raw love and hardcore positivity! His passion and extreme addiction to the art of rap has lead him on an amazing journey from childhood to the present moment. Originally from Perth, OptiMystic moved to Sydney in 2005 to work on his debut solo album, ‘ReVamp,’ an independent release that featured artists such as Maya Jupiter, N’Fa (1200 Techniques), Big Village’s ‘Reverse Polarities,’ Halfcast, and Grammy award-winning superstar and all-round good fella ‘Speech’ from Arrested Development. The forthcoming album ‘Day of The Guiding Light’, has seen OptiMystic move back to Perth to collaborate with even more artists. The album features production by all Western Australian producers such as Dazastah (Downsyde), Creed Birch, Rob Shaker, Loftee Beats, Wisdom2th and Sipn. With strictly hip hop vibrations pulsating throughout the album, OptiMystic spits, rips and kicks a range of flows with variety and passion. This conscious style rhymer delivers topics of love, death, addictions, the great unknown, and just straight up having fun on the mic. ‘Day of the Guiding Light’ brings on an arsenal of international collaborations including New York’s Afficial Nastee Heavyweights ONYX, Keith Murray (Def Squad) Krazy Drayz (Das EFX), Mr Cheeks (The Lost Boyz), Rockness Monstah (Heltah Skeltah) and Chip-Fu (Fu-Shnickens)! More locally featuring guest MCs and singers, including Sydney-siders True VibeNation, P. Smurf and Mute MC (Reverse Polarities), Billabong Bobby as well as Perth artists by the likes of Trooth, Bentman & Sipn, Adam Crook, Milly James (Pimps of Sound), Marnie Kent, Mossy Fogg, Ron Ransom, JR, Krazie Kraze, Mic Organic, MC Dreads and Philosoph. OptiMystic’s love knows no boundaries! So be prepared and stay aware, for if there ever was a time for this MC to be unearthed to the masses… it’s now! Day of The Guiding Light album coming soon featuring Onyx Keith Murray (Def Squad) Krazy Drayz (Das EFX) Mr Cheeks (The Lost Boyz) Rockness Monstah (Heltah Skeltah) Chip-Fu (Fu-Shnickens) and more! www.optimystic-mc.com https://www.twine.fm/signin

I am a music loving, cat enthusiast. I spend many hours a day sifting through GBs of drum sounds, looking for the perfect snare or 808 kick. I also got bars... for days..gold ones. My mixing specialty is hiphop/electronic and bass. lots of it. get to know me.

Simply, Earth Citizen is based upon the idea that all people are a part of one human family. In this light it seeks to explore elevated themes, such as the oneness of humanity, equality of men and women, harmony of science and religion and the oneness of religion.

Hip-hop/Rap Artist & Writer any inquires email : https://www.twine.fm/signin

Teischa is an artist on the rise who has been turning heads with her warm, soulful vocals and powerful fusion of rnb and electronic stylings. www.facebook.com/teischamusic

Perth, Western Australia. 18 years old driven by my passion for music... https://www.twine.fm/signin At the moment I have fallen into an acoustic pop sound, fragmented with soul, however I am also adventuring into the world of techno pop/hip hop and also country music. Follow me on instagram and twitter - gracienw Email: https://www.twine.fm/signin

CHERRI BONNEY Introducing....Cherri Rossiland Bonney, born in the beautiful Riverland town of Renmark, South Australia on the Murray River in the summer month of December. She has been with music ever since she can remember, her story in short begins! Cherri's parents were also musical with her German mother Margaret a classical pianist / soprano singer and her French Dad Frederick a singer/guitarist. Cherri's life was around music all her life with her dad singing to her at a very young age before bedtime and ultimately anytime was music time. She grew up with one brother David and two other sisters Judy and Wendy giving them shows and free concerts most days, also performing to uncles, aunties and friends whenever they were around, honing her skills and giving much joy at the same time. Cherri's singing started at four-and-a-half years of age with her mother at the piano and dad’s guitar always playing tunes, allowing her to be vocal and to put at ease her young aspiring talents. By the age of 12 her mystery for playing the guitar was enormous! So much so her dad had to teach the basics of guitar which led to many sore and bleeding fingers. From then her talents spread no end! Cherri wrote her first song at 12 performing to her parents and at this point they both knew this girl of theirs was something to contend with. Cherri learned to play in leaps and bounds, writing more each day until her school book was full of songs instead of her homework, with much dismay to her well-educated mum. She learnt to play the autoharp and vamp on the piano, but not wanting to take it up like her mother; it seemed to be all too hard with 'black stuff all over the page' Cherri grew up in Bendigo, Victoria for the first 11 years of her life, moving to Mackay, Queensland for one year, then off to Rockhampton for the next 5 years to finish school and have her last days of water skiing on the Fitzroy River. After finishing Rockhampton Girls Grammar school the family decided to sell up the family business and travel round Australia for the next 18 months but knowing this daughter of theirs wanted to escape into the world of music for ever! Trouble was brewing! Cherri left home at seventeen-and-a-half years of age and stayed with her grandparents in Renmark to work and decide what would come her way in music. She then met several like-minded people and joined her first band 'Cosmos' in Berri, South Australia. Ronnie Haynes, lead guitarist, being a good friend, and even today they still stay in touch. Cosmos travelled many parts of the Riverland successfully in the year. The one show Cosmos performed that sticks in her mind was performing at the Renmark Hotel where her parents had their wedding reception, never believing that one day she would perform there. Cherri also performed on many talent TV shows with original songs and covers from Queensland to Tassie to South Australia, winning several heats from age 16 onwards. Cherri then moved to Tassie singing in 23 different line-ups over a 19 year period with the last music line-up being the five-year successful recording show band "Junkmale" with a high audience rating that took them to the recording studios with all original songs written by their guitarist Jason Coleman. The album 'Junkmale' had huge ratings and then making their way to Triple J for the next phase in travelling and recording their next album. The band members realized the 3.5 rare octave range this girl had, coming so naturally, made it a rather easy task in the selection of songs they could perform and record. Her talent has so many sides/styles that come straight from the heart: Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop, Soul and Blues, making this girl stand out along with her quick wit, arranging brain and natural ear for music encompassing endless harmonies, washing it all down in the studio and in live performances. Is it any wonder we want to hear more from the songstress Miss Bonney? Cherri Bonney took up semi-professional road racing for 10 years as an athlete. Her plans were to ride the Tour De France in the women’s section, but music eventually took over! She then travelled to Toowoomba, Queensland to record more commercials for 6 weeks 24/7 enjoying every moment. She then decided to head back home only hearing hours before departure that she was asked to appear in Australian TV commercials from the same company. However to her delight many companies were able to open for business including the massive Argyle Diamond Mine in Queensland. On leaving Tassie in 1998 she moved to a warm and sunny Perth, recording jingles and commercials for hotels, businesses, radio and TV up and down the coast of Western Australia over a seven year period. Once again her talents were highly sought-after making recordings a breeze which had the owner of Pet Rock Studios very happy. She was wanted everywhere for session recording, leading her to working with many artists in Perth and also recording her own material: 'When My Mother Died' being one. The first ten years in Perth was devoid of singing in any line-up but then out of nowhere, she was introduced by her cousin Noel to Mike Bush at The Shadows Club in the Market City Tavern in Canning Vale one evening, this meeting led the way to her success to this day. Cherri next performed in the UK & Ireland, singing the great Aussie songs of The Seekers which went down very well. Two years ago she did indeed meet Judith Durham at Judith's request in Perth and they have been friends ever since. The great Russell Morris has also been her close friend and in time she will hopefully perform with him in Australia. Currently Cherri has her Corporate Show Band 'Nchant' performing regularly in Perth and out of town. Meeting the guys initially gave her the chance to create 'Australia's Linda Ronstadt' Tribute, when closing your eyes and listening to Cherri sing Linda's material, you could swear it was Miss Ronstadt with the same incredibly powerful voice. In 2013 Cherri wanted to discover the music and talents of John Worth (aka Les Vandyke) and it so happens the 'Limited Collectable Edition' are her renditions of John Worth’s compositions originally sung by Adam Faith, hence the latest 'Revisiting 50yrs with Adam Faith' album. She is proud to say this most wonderful man John Worth is also a sweet friend along with Jimmy Stead the soulful tenor sax player 'ex John Barry 7' UK. Cherri was delighted to have Jimmy record on a track of her current album 'Beautiful Songs' the track being 'Will You' which has been very well received. Cherri has recorded and released 5 albums to date (below) with 2 single's Australia's Koala Bear and Lonely Pup in a Christmas Shop. Vol 2 and 3 of both albums are being worked on this year. Lots to do! Cherri lives in Perth working with her team comprising of Gary Taylor and Mike Bush, two of Perth's wonderful musicians. The mix is excellent so as to make any sound possible for her ongoing composing and arrangements to her heart’s desire. Her immediate family Pippa Candy & Jeremy stay close as much as possible, they too are all musical. Some originals from this songstress will be recorded later this year. Cherri also enjoyed flying at Jandakot Airport some years back taking her to flying single engine aircraft out of Perth on several occasions, as did her aunt , the famous ‘Lorre's Bonney,’ who was in fact the first solo aviator recorded in flight history today. Flying will have to take a long rain-check for Cherri with recording commitments high on the list. Water skiing is another favourite activity from the time she could walk. On arrival in Perth this had Cherri venturing to her Uncle Frank’s Water Ski Park 'Bonney's Ski Park, Baldivis' to pick up what she had left behind in Queensland. Health-wise, Cherri has been suffering four-and-a-half years with Anorexia and it is still ongoing, however her career won't be defeated! Moments close to losing her life and actually losing all lung power and voice for more than a year had her terrified of not singing ever again! However this girl is a strong survivor and won't lie down to die until her mission is complete in this lifetime and to bring as much joy to people as possible.... This attractive dynamic little female will have you gripping at your seats, smiling and crying with all your emotions wanting to escape! Please embrace the spectacular talents of our very own Perth girl Miss Cherri Bonney. Frank Holmes, Editor SOULS HAVE NO AGE VOL 1 AUSSIE KIDZ BIZZ VOL 1 AUSTRALIA'S KOALA BEAR LONELY PUP IN A XMAS SHOP BEAUTIFUL SONG'S SOUND TRACK'S LIMITED COLLECTABLE EDITION - REVISITING 50 YRS WITH ADAM FAITH

I'm an Australian, contemporary ,singer-songwriter currently based in Perth. I do all sorts of performances at all sorts of venues with a variety of original songs as well as covers.My main genres include pop, rock,funk,indie,soul, and punk but I do a lot of others. Always looking to collaborate on any kind of tracks so if you're interested send me a message! Check out my website www.brookeewenmusic.com or if you would like to contact me you can reach me at : https://www.twine.fm/signin Thanks so much! Brooke

Bri Clark is a soulful artist, her voice is both fierce and demure. Her passionate performances evoke profound feelings of joy and heartache, with her lyrics weaving delicate stories far beyond her young 22 years. “Bri Clark’s soulful and deep debut has launched her into a very promising career. Expect strong bass movements and some honest lyrics in further releases.” – Happy “Bri Clark was a stunning opener, she had an unassuming demeanor and gentle personality for such a powerful voice.” – The Music “Bri's got a killer voice and is assured on this dark, steely pop.” – Dave Ruby Howe, triple J

21yo, Rapper, Music Producer, Director, Marketer, Perth WA Australia, Website: www.gamirez.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/gamirez

Driving synths, loud drums and violent guitars. DIGITAL ORDER is a unique blend of modern dance music and classic had rock. Their sound can be likened to Daft Punk, Justice, and The Bloody Beetroots, with accents of classic hard rock such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Founded in 2013, Australian band DIGITAL ORDER have worked hard to galvanize their modern “electronic rock” sound. With members Shane (Vocals), Will (Keys), Henry (Drums) and Andy (Guitar), DIGITAL ORDER is known for their high-energy live show and have consistently charted on Local Australian radio charts. DIGITAL ORDER followed their 2014 EP Launch with 2 Australian tours (which had crowd funded over $2000), showcasing their material with an overwhelmingly positive reaction. With packed out shows in Melbourne and Sydney the band left their mark and returned to Perth on a high. After taking a short break, the band has since been busily working on new material and innovating their live show. Their growing body of work is a testament to their experience, drive and ambition to see their music move beyond the studio and out into the masses.


Contact For Bookings/Enquires: https://www.twine.fm/signin Rapper, Trying To Seize The Impossible, Own Path,True Stories, #WC


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