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I am FLOWFLYIR (FLYIR) an indie music artist, covering several styles of music including rap, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word and others. Poetry opened the door for me to start my musical journey, which sparked my passion to help others. I write motivational songs about bullying, global change, personal experience and unique themes. Plus, all my music is non-explicit.
I started rapping when I was 16 and I learned from a guy in my high school. His name was David Falls and he was in grade 12 at the time. I rapped battled him twice and I learned from rap battling him how to rap. After that, I started my own YouTube channel on November 3, 2012. Then I started freestyling on other peoples beats that were my favourite rap songs and I made remixes or used someone else’s beat to make my own song. Like the We Ain’t Stopping Now, which at the time I was using Michael Wells’s beat. He told me about this program that he used called MAGIX MUSIC MAKER. Then I looked up the program online, bought it and I started making beats. I also, wrote my rough draft of my first song Rap all day and Rap all Night at age of 16 and wrote down my first freestyle that I called We Ain’t Stopping Now at the same age and had the song on my YouTube channel. Since then I deleted the song and I remade it into two songs. The original song is on my page on SoundCloud and the remix is also out and I want to thank bedezetbeatsproduction for the use of the beat. I wrote my own songs more at the age of 17 and with that program, I began to make beats. I continued to do this, I also started rapping because I was bullied most of my school year. If I did not find away to deal with my stress I was thinking about not going to school. Rap became my stress reliever and It also became a way for me to express how I felt.
I still Rap, make beats, I just started mixing and mastering. I created my own group we were called MUS!C !S FROM TH€ H€ART or M!FTH. We were called TGH or TO GET HEARD. We were independent, signed to ourselves and no one else. I also use be in a duet with my buddy YOUNG KING HERO, Were called MASSIVE FLOW RAPPERS.
I also took down my YouTube channel when the new update came. Then I made a new one, which right now has a few videos. I am waiting to get the right video equipment before I make really good music videos. When I started I used my laptop’s webcam and that was all right, but now I want to upgrade. I will also be starting to make my own beats from scratch using my Akai music mixer/ keyboard. I use to use Magix Music Maker 2013. Now I have moved onto Mixcraft 7.
I am now 23 and I use to have a rap flow like GUCCI MANE. When I started rapping people said I was going to be the next Eminem. My stage name is FLOWFLYIR. My producing name was FLOWFLYIRBEATS or F-FLYIRBEATS. I am influenced by Busta Rhymes to keep going with my music. I am influenced by a rap legend his name was Tupac and he rapped mostly about his own life.

    uniE603 Dedicated To Da Game ft. CM3,Choppa, BigBossMarko, RRP REPPER, Kali Boi, DEAD A$$& D!5K
    uniE603 Oh No I am Inside My Head

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