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. Have you ever applied for a role that asks you to address selection criteria rather than send through a cover letter with your resume? This article in the series targets candidates that have never had to address Selection Criteria previously, those that have unsuccessfully, and those looking to advance their careers but just can’t seem to get an interview to get to that next level.
As I have reviewed hundreds, if not thousands of responses against Selection Criteria, I understand what interview panels look for when they rank your responses against the Selection Criteria, and below are some tips that, if you follow, will get you started on the path to writing successful Selection Criteria:
Follow a consistent response methodology, wherever possible I recommend that you use the STAR model when stating your statements;

S = Situation - Describe the situation you were faced with, you recall the situation at the time but the interview panel can’t read your mind, paint a picture.
T = Task - Portray the task at hand, in other words, what needed to get done to resolve the situation, what was your role?
A = Action - Make this your unique, what action did you take, and how did you do it?
R = Result - Describe the final results, spell out the benefits to the team and the organisation/company that resulted from your actions. How does this relate to the role you are applying for?
Get the employers attention and set the scene. Your first sentence should be a statement against the criteria, such as:
Selection Criteria: Strategic thinking
“I have demonstrated the ability to think strategically resulting in win-win outcomes throughout my career”

The Challenges of Responding to Selection Criteria

The criterion above is nebulous because it doesn’t say to what extent you have to ‘use’ the software. Does it mean you’ve loaded it a few times and created a small spreadsheet, document, project outline, email, or slide show? Or does it mean that you must have mastered each program at an advanced level? In trying to create a criterion that is objective, the writer has in fact created subjectivity ie, the degree to which use is expected/required.

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