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Berlin, Bezirk Neukölln, Germany
Last online: 7 months ago
The Groove Fabrik is an international collective of musicians and artists based in Berlin. It was founded by three musicians in the summer 2015 and it is run by performers, songwriters and collaborators from many different countries (Italy, Usa, Germany, Nicaragua, Poland, Ireland, India, Canada etc.) To follow the latest video and music productions, as well as the upcoming live events, visit the Groove Fabrik websites: soundcloud.com/groovefabrik facebook.com/groovefabrik clowdy.com/groovefabrik groovefabrik.wordpress.com twitter.com/groovefabrik (@: groovefabrik) instagram.com/groovefabrik (#groovefabrik) To join the collective please send the Groove Fabrik your music or artworks to the following links: groovefabrik.machine@gmail.com soundcloud.com/groovefabrik For booking, production and general inquiries contact The Operator at the following links: groovefabrik@gmail.com Facebook: TheOperator Groove Fabrik Skype: groove_fabrik Get in the Groove!