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Remnants is an independent comic series and my passion project.I have spent a few years working on it, writing the plot, planning issues, laying out pages and panels and have just recently completed the first 28 page issue as part of my Illustration Degree. It is a chance for me to tell this story and work on all my skills as a comic book artist. I worked traditionally using a lightbox to ink up my page layouts onto Bristol Board. The linework I completed using dip pen and ink employing varied line thickness for effect. I then used ink washes to create the moody, supernatural atmosphere of the comic. I then scanned the pages adding spot colour and editing before creating an InDesign document of the first editing designing the look of the comic and adding all text. I have printed a few comics myself and if I cannot get a publisher for the comic I will look to self publish either at festivals and events or digitally. 11 issues are planned. #illustration #comic #comicartist #comicwriter #independentcomic #selfpublished #traditional #supernatural #wip #longarc #penciller #inker #letterer

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