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You may need to build up from a lower level box to a higher level one over time stand in front of the box use the balls of your feet to jump onto the box landing on the bulls and toes of your feet jump back down to the floor and repeat to this to times per set as with calf Raiders the more often you do this the easier it will become at the point it will be necessary to challenge yourself with more reps it isn't a good idea to hold weights or anything else when you the Box jump so you can still catch yourself if you fall jump rope when you use a jump rope your calf is constantly engaged this helps build muscle provides a good cardiovascular workout and makes you prick around your feet as well to this exercise regularly and see why you don't need weight equipment to turn your calf muscles to jump rope effectively hold your hands out for your sides and make small far circles with. http://www.supplementscart.com/shred-fx/

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