VINEYARD feat. Rex the Rager; Tommy iLL Figure; Jay Jetsin; Stevie Rogers

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Produced, Writen & Performed by: Henry Stuart; Rex the Rager; Tommy iLL Figure; Jay Jetsin; Stevie Rogers Vocals Provided by: Rex the Rager; Tommy iLL Figure; Jay Jetsin; Stevie Rogers Production Provided by: Henry Stuart Recorded; N. Philadelphia June. 2015 Mixed by: Henry Stuart; Stevie Rogers Mastered by: Andy Ha & Henry Stuart at Repercussion Studios for Artwork by: Tevin Howard for Contact: R. Rager: @rextherager T. Figure: @tommyillfigure J. Jetsin: @jayjetsin S. Rogers: @sirstevierogers ARTIST STATEMENT: After Shred had been released, I was talking to ALC member, Ester, about my involvement with the project and she actually gave me a list of songs to potentially sample for STFGM. Grapevine by Brownstone was one of those samples and when I heard it, I knew it was the proper amount of soul that I needed to add to STFGM. The basic concept of the original sound seemed to fit as well. Hearing rumors from outside sources. That's also what my rendition is about. I approach mine from two different perspectives. The first half of the song, tries to state what you've been doing as of late; smoking, doing shows and that people are hating on you, but you dont even seem to notice it because you're too busy juicing. It's a testament to all the people who seem to be around for 5 minutes and gone the next. The second half of the song is when everything slows down and is about a girl. Often times, when you're busy and unavailable, it seems in a way that you might be avoiding someone. The later half asks for the patience and understanding, its asks for a text back. #audio #Spring Time Feel Good Music #Henry #Stuart #Stevie #Rogers #Tevin #Howard #Jay #Jetsin #Tommy #Ill #Figure #Julz #Patnelso #Danny #Chung #Rex #the #Rager #Jordan #Plain

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