Psalm 57-- He will send from heaven and save me.

Published by Hunter Gregory

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I wrote this textural piece as I was going through a truly difficult time in my adjustment to college life. I chose Psalm 57 to be the name of the piece because it accurately describes my heart through the trial and highlights the hope I have in the ability of Christ to deliver and rescue His people. In short, Psalm 57 is an exploration of chords, layers, and dynamics with a simple 7/8 pulse and is to simply be enjoyed. However, a jarring dissonant chord appears briefly at the end of the piece to allude to the lingering presence of the enemy even in the midst of my steadfast hope. Performed by students of Houghton College. #audio #Strings #Classical #texture #new #music #Christian #psalm #timpani #piano #houghton #film #contemporaryclassical

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