Let Your Glory Be

Published by Hunter Gregory

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The lyrics for this song come from the doxology that closes the book of Jude, as well as a selection from Psalm 57. These two scriptures were a source of encouragement that Alicia presented to me during a period of deep spiritual anguish. The melody could be perceived as traditional, but the piano accompaniment contrasts this with pandiatonic chord structure and stream-of-conscious rhythmic patterns. It is my priviledge to present this song, in honor of my steadfast friend Alicia, to God, who has preserved and kept me through times of hopelessness, as I believe He does for all His children. To Him be all the glory for each line written, practiced, and performed of this piece. Even as we struggle in the flesh, His Spirit is faithful and strong within His followers and for this reason He is worthy of all worship in every thing we do. I thank Him for His Son who has taken on the punishment of our sin so that we can be free from obeying its demands and whose Spirit is able to keep us from stumbling in order that we can have a relationship with God. I also thank Him for putting Alicia into my life as an encourager, confidant, and faithful sister in Christ. I firmly believe that God will use her in unimaginable ways, for the advancement of his gospel in the future. Performed by Alicia Ucciferri, Soprano, Tim McGowan, Tenor, and Caleb Lawson, piano, at Houghton College. #audio #Duet #Piano #soprano #tenor #Christian #jesus #gospel #jude #houghton

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