Your Tears Wiped Away

Published by Hunter Gregory

  • 1 credits

This piece is intended to be a prayer of comfort and a personal realization of God's everlasting peace. The text, written by the 19th century minister Octavius Winslow, reflects a deep longing for the inner peace only the Holy Spirit can bring and conveys encouragement to persevere in the faith. I utilized free modulation and call-and-response technique in attempt to convey the yearning of the inner person to experience God's comfort. The phrase, "Be still, my soul" can be heard throughout as a reminder to contemplate the sacrifice of Christ and relax in the assurance of salvation guaranteed by his resurrection. “Be still, my soul! Jehovah loves thee; Fret not, nor murmur at your weary lot; Though dark and lone your journey seems to be, Be sure that you are never by Him forgot. He ever loves; then trust Him, trust Him still, Let all your care be this- the doing of His will.” “Your hand in His, like fondest, happiest child, Place you, nor draw it for a moment thence; Walk with Him, a Father reconciled, Until in His own good time He call you hence; Walk with Him now, so shall your way be bright, And all your soul be filled with His most glorious light” “He comes with His reward; it is just at hand; He comes in glory to His promised throne; My soul rejoice before long your feet shall stand Within the city of the Blessed One Your perils past, your heritage secure, Your tears all wiped away, your joy forever sure” -- Octavius Winslow Performed by students of Houghton College #audio #Choir #sacred #a #capella #christian #houghton #composition #classical #contemporary

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