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Los Angeles, United States
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Los Angeles based award-winning Photographer, Author and Lecturer Ian Spanier.

Ian Spanier was born in Connecticut, raised in Westchester, New York. Spanier’s interest in photography began at age six when his parents gave him his first camera.

As comfortable in the studio as he is on the edge of a cliff, Ian can face any challenge presented. Spanier has even entered a shark cage in South Africa, to have a face to face with the Great White, his now late one and only fear.

Currently he resides in Los Angeles, and, is available for assignment in New York, California, and any other location accessible by plane, train, car, horse, camel, or mule- pretty much anything that has legs, wheels, or wings is fair game.

Ian’s first full book of published work, “Playboy, a Guide to Cigars,” documenting his travels to nearly every country that manufactures cigars is available at fine cigar shops and at major book stores. His second critically acclaimed book, “Local Heroes: Portraits of America’s Volunteer Fire Fighters,” is out now in stores and online. You can visit the book’s Tumblr Page here: https://www.twine.fm/signin

He is also a member of the Loweprofessionals Team, Photoflex’s Pro Team, and Imagenomic’s featured photographer list.

Spanier is a regular award recipient of major photo competitions, including American Photography, SPD, The International Color Awards, The International Black & White Spider Awards, PDN’s World in Focus, Planet Magazine, and Seeing the Light, to name a few.

Finally, he is a regular contributor to PDN’s Photoserve giving advice and stories about his experiences. As well as a lecturer for The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

Ian Spanier is available for assignment and can be reached at 917.723.6410 or https://www.twine.fm/signin

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