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I am a full-time freelance illustrator. I have my passion fixed on telling stories through art. I enjoy projecting emotions through characters' expressions. These results in me having a huge interest in: - book illustrations - games - visual novels, - and portraits. It's on my bucket list to be involved in producing these kinds of art. I have worked as: - a character designer - a 4-panels comic illustrator - and, most of the time, children's book illustrator for local companies/publishers - I also have been involved in several game and advertisement projects as character designer and illustrator. In the near future, I want to do more of: - illustrations for children's books, and - character design for a visual novel game I believe every project starts with a vision, and it will be my pleasure to incorporate your vision into my illustrations. Looking forward to do exciting projects with you! Inezwandita
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Industry Experience:
Media & Entertainment, Gaming
Gear & Software Experience:
Adobe Photoshop ( Intermediate )
Adobe Illustrator ( Beginner )

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