Jay'e R.
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Camarillo, United States
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R&B/Soul singer and BMI songwriter, Jay’e R. has always wanted to be in music and has continued to pursue his dream of becoming a success in the music industry. Jay’e R. (Born Greg Pridgen Jr.: December 10, 1985) began singing at age 6 in his hometown of Ivanhoe, NC. Jay’e R. faced many hardships as a young kid, survivor of premature birth and two strokes; Jay’e R. faced many challenges but found comfort in music once a family friend discovered that he could sing and taught him how to sing. “I felt as I got older, that it was God that moved in her to know that I had the gift and I am so glad she brought it out of me.” As a kid, Jay’e R.’s voice has always had something special about it. He performed in tons of school talent shows, and won nearly every one he entered and grew up singing in his school chorus. With his unique tenor voice and strong falsetto, Jay’e R. has been compared by some to having a voice similar to Tevin Campbell, Smokey Robinson, Phillip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire and Maxwell. Influenced by powerhouse male and female artists like Whitney Houston, Peabo Bryson, Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway and Luther Vandross, Jay’e R. has a voice that is made for R&B/Soul sound of the ‘70’s and‘80’s in which Jay’e R. says, “Is a dying breed of music. Everything is all about sex, drugs and violence these days, no one sings about love anymore.” Jay’e R. got into songwriting after meeting his longtime friend Terrance Downs who is an accomplished singer/songwriter in 2009. “He inspired me to do something I had never done before and I enjoyed it so much, I knew I was going to do a lot with it.” Jay’e R. wrote his first song, “Sexy Seductive Sensual” that year but never released it. In 2010, after relocating to Charlotte, NC, Jay’e R. began posting webcam videos under his legal name on YouTube to showcase his talents, but the drive was still there to record his first original song. In March 2013, he finally got his chance. Jay’e R. wrote his debut single, “Something ‘Bout the Way”. “Something ‘Bout the Way was released on to ReverbNation in April 2013, and peaked at #15 on the Charlotte R&B/Soul charts. The song was produced by another longtime friend and music producer, Benie “Benie Beatz” Encarnacion, who also produced, “You’re No Good (But I Want You)”. A few short months after the release of those two singles, Jay’e R. wrote and released his third single, “Out of My Life” which at the time of it’s released, was his most trended hit song on ReverbNation. Currently, He has recently released new singles after the release of Out of My Life. In September 2013, Jay’e R. wrote the two songs that would place him at the top of the charts. Jay’e R. released I’ve Found Love and Tonight’s Your Night, in October 2013. The songs were produced by Keith “Kay Jay” Heard, who discovered Jay’e R. on Twitter. Tonight’s Your Night since its release has been blazing up the ReverbNation R&B/Soul charts. Tonight’s Your Night was released on iTunes and it debuted at #26 on the New Release R&B/Soul Top 100 and Amazon in the US, UK, France, Japan and Germany. “I never imagined that this song would be such a hit, but I thank God for all that has occurred with this song, and it is a privilege to have a song out that people can relate to and enjoy. I remain so humble at God and how He has moved over my gifts as a singer and a songwriter.” Since the release of Tonight’s Your Night, the song has charted at #1 on several independent and unsigned artist R&B charts. Due to the warm reception of his latest songs and its climb to the top of the R&B charts of numberonemusic.com. Jay’e R. has been working on releasing a CD. “It’s a tedious process but I love every minute of writing and recording. I get such a rush writing, arranging and recording my music. Because of the fact, after all the limitations I had as a kid, being told what I couldn’t do, and feeling like I would never find who I am as a person; I finally found something that makes me stand out and makes me different and it’s such a gratifying feeling knowing that what I am doing, people love me for it. I love when my fans tell me how much they love my music or my sound. Even when I perform in a club or venue, I get the same feedback. It’s amazing. I feel I have arrived into what I was born to do, and I thank God so much for all that I endured to get me here.” As Jay’e R. continues on his journey as an R&B/Soul artist on the rise, he never forgets how he started and how he got to where he is now. “It’s because of my faith in God, His power and favor over my life as well as my fans who have supported me from the beginning. I am so humble that I have gotten this far and I pray to go farther.” There is definitely a place for Jay’e R. and his music in the major music industry and he is definitely going to go far indeed.

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