Spoken Voice Over Demo (Comedy Originals and Impressions)

Published by Jonah Michea Judy

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This is my spoken word voice demo reel, which demonstrates some of the vocal styles I am capable of, mainly in comedic styles. I quote various films and shows throughout the clip, and the original voices and lines are all improv. Feel free to request specific demos if you don't hear what you need for your project. https://www.twine.fm/signin. Here's a guide with location, film titles and character names: 0:00 "In A World" 0:11 "Southern character in the style of Duke's of Hazard" 0:17 "Muppets: Kermit The Frog" 0:24 "Austin Powers: Fat Bastard" 0:40 "Original Scotch/Irish Sincere character" 0:52 "Original Spanish radio announcer" 0:58 "LOTR: Smeagol" 1:04 "Wrestling Announcer" 1:12 "South Park: Cartman" 1:20 "Original businessman" 1:26 "Lady and the Tramp: Tony and other guy" 1:32 "Puss in Boots: Puss" 1:38 "Original dog Berryfax who has an evil nose" 1:50 "Family Guy: Peter Griffin" 1:53 "Original 1950's commercial improv" 2:05 "Madagascar: King Julien" 2:22 "Austin Powers: Nigel Powers" #audio #demo reel #Voice #jonah #michea #judy #over #artist #comedian #Comedy #actor #spoken #Word #Demo #reel

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