Hermine's Mind

Published by Jeremy Nickel

  • 1 credits

Watch it spin and circle the flames Hear the stories from stardust, begin, end, begin Fold up your present view Hear the river laugh at you It seems like I constantly find, a way to mess with my mind But it all fades away with time and time and time The other side of the window sill, may just explain what’s real I want to see it all clearly from either side We’re more than a kilometer from realization much more from actualization of satisfactory ideation See the false self for what it is, set it on fire, then walk boldly on wobbly legs Seeing things clearly for the first time after the millionth time Even if it’s a pre-seizure Myshkin mood at the sound of thunder #audio #asherprefect #asher #Alternative #Rock #Electronic #Rock #synth #rock

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