Death Ditch Regret

Published by Jeremy Nickel

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Verse1 Oh I heard a story bout’ a man who when he was dying’ he started cryin' and this is what he said I spent my life doing what they said oh Put in my time, yeah during my prime got my gold star then off to bed Got divorced when I was 49 had a heart attack they brought me back so I could be at my desk Pre-Chorus: Look back from the end On the brink of dispersement Ask yourself, who did you listen to? Chorus: Was it them? Was it you? Verse2 With retirement two days away I was Wondering just What it was That I’d been doing all this time Verse3 Saw the doctor on the first day away He said you’re gonna die and It won’t be long yeah It won’t be long until the end I sat there for a minutemaybe two my mind was... a shattered vase I could not erase any of the choices that I’d made Felt that death ditch regret #audio #asherprefect #asher #Alternative #Rock #Electronic #Rock #synth #rock #asher #prefect

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