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Looking for: Book Illustration
Budget: Negotiable
DUBAI / UAE BASED CREATIVES PLEASE! Dear Creatives! I have written and illustrated a Children's Book and want to hire someone to edit my images - including my company logo. The Current Job: As the first job I would like you to "clean" my logo designs and make vector files. Future Collaborations: I am hoping to find someone who can also edit my book illustrations for my first and upcoming books - so depending on the success of the logos, this can turn into a long term collaboration. The main criteria for me is keeping the hand-drawn / hand-painted effect that adds magic to my designs - but have it ready for digital platforms e.g. website / eBook. Please get in touch and send samples of your work. Preference will be given to candidates who are Illustrators / Artists both in hand and digital. Many thanks!
Posted 6 days agoExpires in 24 days
Looking for: Book Illustration
Budget: $250.00
Need a picture of 3 high school football players walking towards an old school building (photo I can provide) from a 1968 black Mercury Cougar , with a bright light in the background denoting a resurrection is occuring
Posted a year agoExpires in a year
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