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Looking for: Sound Designer
Budget: Negotiable
I require help with creating sound for a game. I will also require some jingles.
Posted a month agoExpires in a day
Looking for: Sound Designer
Budget: Negotiable
Hello Twiners! I'm a Film Major and recent Alumni of the University of Nebraska Lincoln. We've recently completed our thesis film which we are insanely proud of. Unfortunately our post sound team lost all the production audio and then proceed to dropout at the last minute leaving me (the director) to cobble something together. Needless to say its not what i want the final film to be. So i am looking for someone with a great knowledge of post sound and mixing to not only help take our film to the next level, but also be apart of the creative process! Luckily i have recored ADR for the most important sections and even luckier the film has no dialogue, but alot of it will need to be rebuilt from scratch.
Posted 7 months agoExpires in 6 months
Looking for: Sound Designer
Budget: $80.00
Red Wagon a premier video production and animation studio in Canada, We are looking for a sound designer and editor, who can compose music and sound FX for our corporate clients to help our animations rock. You can view the creative animation here: Key Creative Points For Sound Design: - Music must fit a culture of men & women that do hard work - Sound FX must capture the outdoors, birds chipping, blowing of leaves - Sound FX must capture activities of men working, specifically what is happening in the animation - Client would like emphasis of sound when logo appears - Quality of sound must be professional
Posted 10 months agoExpires in 9 months
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