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Haiku-Pauwela, United States
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I have been making electronic music since I was in high school. My first finished work was in 2009. In 2011 I put out another album. I use keyboards and make everything by hand from the ground up. I was raised in a very musical family. Electronic music is my thing and I am very dedicated to the art of electronic music. I recently released a single. My work consists of Logic Pro since 2007. Before that I have used Cubase, Garageband, and various synths. At this time, I use Logic Pro X, my electronic Yamaha grand keyboard, and a MIDI controller. This simple amount of tech is more than enough to do what I need to do artistically. I only make electronic music.

I have worked in the education industry with children. I have experience in their culture and my music tends to appeal to a younger generation.

I consider myself an expert at Logic Pro, since I have used the program since 2007. I have spent lots of time on the program and I am comfortable using it and shaping it get what I need. I’m certainly not a high end expert, but I consider myself an expert nonetheless.

I grew up in a household with my dad as a well known musician. In this way, I have gained knowledge of the music industry first hand and continually am exposed to it on a regular basis. My dad is in the rock genre and my brother is in the folk & singer songwriter genre. However, I have experience in both just by being close to them.

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