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Waukegan, United States
Last online: 12 months ago

Birth Date: March 15, 1990
Birth Place: Waukegan, IL
Full Name: Christopher D. Terry
Hobbies: Music, Poetry, Basketball, and Graphic Design

Kayo was raised in North Chicago by his grandmother(Ida Terry), sister(Marlena Terry) and mother(Myra Terry). He first learned his talent in music when he was 5 years old rapping in his room to a wall full hip hop posters. He met a friend(Darryck Williams) that became more of his brother in fifth grade. The two have been close friends from the time they met throughout their years of high school and still are brothers. As Kayo grew up he found a way to turn his pain from not knowing his father at all and use that as motivation to push himself to do better. Kayo first started writing and recording his own music when he was 13 years old with his brother Darryck Williams. Both of them found a deep passion in music the first time they set their recording equipment up in Kayo’s room and began to make music. Kayo & Khrome both started their own group called DHB(Dem Hot Boys) where they was known as Young Dino & Young Ceaser. The group worked hard at making music, but never really took it serious at all. They ended up changing the group name to GMB(Get Money Boys) and also changed their names to Dino & Ctenn. That group was a fail as well so they went separate ways and became solo artist. When Kayo turned 18 he became part of a group known as Swagg Kamp which he was introduced to the group by his brother Darryck Williams also known as Khrome who is also a member of Swagg Kamp. The group members showed Kayo nothing, but love since he started making music with the group. They let his talent, ambition and work ethic be the reason he was accepted to become a member of Swagg Kamp. Since he started making music with Swagg Kamp he taught his self how to do graphic art, produce, engineer and video edit. He learned all of this on his own just so his group wouldn’t have to ask anybody for any kind of help. In 2011 early November they had a tragic moment with the group that could either break them or make them. They handled the situation very well as they pushed themselves to their highest peak and settle for nothing, but the best. When that tragic moment happened that’s when Stacy Cheers also known as Kash the CEO/Founder of Swagg Kamp became closer friends. While dealing with this situation they became brothers and started to grind with their all to get the career they have been working hard for going. Till this day both members are still holding strong and doing everything they can to make Swagg Kamp the hottest group to hit the music industry in a while. They have been given big opportunities to work with different type of producers, engineers, performance opportunities, featured on different mix tapes, features from various artist and more. They are currently working on their album titled “Innovation Of Excellence” that will be copyrighted and sold by Island Def Jam record label. With this album they hope they get the big break they have been waiting the longest for and working hard to get. I hope after reading about both artist you support their careers and be their throughout this long Journey.

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