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K Dash Music is the proper noun for a Midrand based Skandi Hop music group. Yes, It is deemed Skandi Hop because they successfully mated two completely different genres, Hip hop and Maskandi. Archaic poets, who tread upon the dungeon of the blind by powerful genious.
The group consists of two artistic musical creators… Madd $cientist: “The incredibly hamdsome criminal genius and masta of all villainy.” He produces, He devises song concepts and structures, oversees and directs the creative process in addition to being responsible for the recordings final sound. The Majestic Aych: “An aweson thug witta pretty smile and wiz of mystic arts.” In addition to being K Dash Music’s lead vocalist, he also specialises in client management logistical connects. Most of their instrumentals and beats are produce by Danny Maise Beats. The group has been performing collectively since 2010, as they had the same interests musically. Their musical style comprises of modern hip hop instrumentals and beats, ancient styled tribal hooks/ choruses and archaic proverbs mixed with urban poetry.
Group members said they were inspired by the nature of maskandi music and the beauty of African culture, and that they intend to spread their philosophy through rap music. Their music is recorded, mixed and mastered by Anchorman at K Dash Music Studios, FPP Music Production. They added that their music is celebration of our heritage and serve as a continuation of the morality of tradition and hip hop as a culture. They aim to inspire and motivate knowledge of self, with an adamant belief that our children must be taught their true historical origin, so they can stand face to face with anyone and not feel inferior.
K Dash Music was very fortunate to meet Eugene Cele aka Dj Eugy, a Kalawa Jasmee Publicist who listened to their promo work and immediately loved it so much that he came up with the name #Skandi Hop as a proper noun for this epic new genre K Dash is offering. He has been working adamantly to make K Dash Music the object of public scrutiny.
K Dash Music performed in Alex River Park for the 2013 Heritage day celebration September 25 hosted by Alex FM where their music is play listed. August 15, 2014 they had their 1st live TV interview on Good Morning Africa at Planet Radio TV. August 30, they were the main event at the National Achievers 2014 Congress held at Gallagher Estate. On September 12 they left footprints with their performance at DJ Sprata’s B day celebration. September 27, they orchestrated a jaw dropping performance at Mandla Spikiri’s B Day celebration at House 22 in Pretoria, which extended them an invitation to the continuation of his celebration and brought the house down with a performance at Sebokeng Ghetto Pub on September 28. On October 4th they were the special guest performance act at Kasie Spin City in Soshanguve. October 8, they were the main and only entertainment act at the ANCYL conversation with Ronald Lamola Pretoria North Hall.
Radio Activity
The group has attended numerous community radio stations, all in which their album’s lead single Bhasobha Wethu is play listed on heavy rotation. On December 19, 2013 the group had an interview with K9 and JP’s KYC show on Kofee-fee fm 97.2. On October 2nd, they had an interview at Thetha fm 100.6 and Alex fm 89.1 later that day. On October 3rd they invaded Pretoria, attending interviews at Unisa Radio 98.9, Soshanguve community radio 93.0 and TUT fm 96.2.
The Roots is their debut album. The performances and radio interviews have generated the necessary buzz and hype around it so much that basically the carpet has been rolled an the platform set well for the album to drop.
Umbrella, fan and of K Dash Music said he is exited that the group has an album coming up. ”I personally don’t listen to hip hop, but the maskandi twist these guys put into it is amazing, they offer a fresh vibrant hip hop sound”.
Ziggy Marley said: “The root is what lives on forever, it is what established this music with its message and all that it represents. Even though we as the new generation add some other things to it, making a name for ourselves, but that root is the most important thing of all.”
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