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This track features 4 sounds that are inspired by ACTUAL SOUNDS RECORDED IN SPACE. I felt that by using these recordings created by NASA, it would be a unique way to approach writing this piece. I begun exclusively with the 4 sounds and worked my way out, writing the track from there. If you go to @nasa they have released a bunch of interesting sounds. Unfortunately they are only intended for non-commercial use so I had to reproduce them as best I could. Although I was unable to use the actual recordings themselves, they were still the foundation for the track I wrote : These are the original recordings: Kepler: Star KIC Light Curve Waves to Sound (Distorted Bass) Nasa – Kepler-star-kic Voyager: Interstellar Plasma Sounds (The high frequency pulsing sound) Nasa – Voyager-interstellar-plasma-sounds Cassini Saturn Radio Emmisions #2 (Whoosh at end of track) Nasa – Cassini-saturn-radio-emissions-2 Sputnik: Beep: Nasa – Sputnik-beep (Atmospheric Beep Noise) I am in no way affiliated or endorsed by Nasa nor does the mention of these recordings explicitly or implicitly convey NASA's endorsement of this track.

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