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Dublin, Ireland
Last online: 10 months ago

Khaki label was found by Deep Haki in 2005 in Preili (Latvia) our current location - Dublin (Ireland) . We are freelancers/producers/singers/photographers/video editors and other creative people… Always looking forward too see new artists with new experiments in our collective.

Deep Haki; Ecoscreen; Defank; Dandy Dinozovr; Bal Urodov; Belsar; EarAbuse; Ellie Rea; Voless; Moffa; ActivePhaze (Active Phaze); Fendler; Lobovoj; Heldig Beat; Anna Shiryayeva (Anna Plutto);

Deep Haki (Sergejs Pekkarevs) - “Khaki” label founder

----------[ Opened for collaborations plz pm. ] -----------

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    uniE603 Phil Fuldner & Polina Griffith - Do What You Like (Deep Haki Remix)