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Flying Fox is a boutique range of Australian wines sourced from across the country. As a small and rather unknown wine label, the main goal was to develop a series of bottles that would provoke curiosity and appeal to the more adventurous of wine enthusiasts, those not afraid to trial the unknown. The label is centred around a solitary hero – a ‘Fearless Fruitarian Flying Fox’ with a taste for only the finest of grapes & wines.
Moving away from the traditional ‘flying fox’ fruit bat, we developed a distinguished and heroic fox character. Naturally curious, valiant, and daring, this fruit-eating fox share many traits with the target market. Each bottle of wine presents a new chapter or ‘episode’ in which our intrepid hero takes flight in some sort of flying contraption, travelling from region to region across Australia. Project: brand identity | packaging | illustration Whilst @ Emedia Creative #image #branding #illustration #packaging #winelabeldesign #winebrand #winebranding #australianwinebrand #flyingfox #foxillustration #winepackaging #winepackagingdesign #wineillustration #boutiquewine

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