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4 old friends of mine brought to life in this short and long delayed adventure! this album is made entirely of real life noises! meaning nothing you hear was found on the internet or taken from anything other than things i can hold and see. here is a list. acoustic ukulele, electric ukulele, acoustic ukulele played w/ a bow, trombone, baritone, harp, marching band bass drum, drum stix, theremin, pacman noisemaker, monotron synthesizer, Kid’s Beats Drum Set, crystal singing bowls, breathing, chewin sum pretzels, poppin som bubbles, cups, heater grate, grinder, ReaL porcelain, BART train, birds outside my bedroom window, plum island ocean waves, whatsapp sound effect, small children talking, maui bamboo forest songs written between august of 2015 and may of 2016. recorded summer 2017 lyrics: i found something in the ground whispering softly to itself it spoke of the whole world working in tow with the resonant hum of the universe that something was stuck in a world of dust but it had wisdom in its eyes dont think it liked it there anyway so i chomped it down and thought maybe now i can feel the wholeness ive been looking for is this how it is to be complete? to feel controlled by your meat? id stomp this earthly town to know the answer that something said id rather lose my head than ever be beneath one of your boots when morning came i saw id been rotting away decaying with the habits i didnt want to perpetuate that something was the only remaining cause for the misery id swallowed and hoarded (slow the ground beneath your feet, ill let you breathe just let me eat. i need a host to feed on, so sing your songs and smoke your weed. plz stop. you dont know what your saying, without me you're vacant, reverse the awakening, go back to when your body was my plaything, just say that you're faking, dont end this relation. dwell in ur head, dont leave ur bed, who am i kidding? this is the end.) i stuck my hand down my throat for the something that had plagued me most and now was blocking up all of my passageways by now id probably torn my insides up but it was better than living without clarity that something said i am soon to be dead so thank you for all the food you have given me #audio #Ambient #found #sound #weird #Rock #rap #noise #glitch #pop #punk #Dream #SingerSongwriter

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