sauce toss

Published by Lali Wilde


4 old friends of mine brought to life in this short and long delayed adventure! this album is made entirely of real life noises! meaning nothing you hear was found on the internet or taken from anything other than things i can hold and see. here is a list. acoustic ukulele, electric ukulele, acoustic ukulele played w/ a bow, trombone, baritone, harp, marching band bass drum, drum stix, theremin, pacman noisemaker, monotron synthesizer, Kid’s Beats Drum Set, crystal singing bowls, breathing, chewin sum pretzels, poppin som bubbles, cups, heater grate, grinder, ReaL porcelain, BART train, birds outside my bedroom window, plum island ocean waves, whatsapp sound effect, small children talking, maui bamboo forest songs written between august of 2015 and may of 2016. recorded summer 2017 lyrics: Saw your face by a colored light Woke up late got me feeling alright And the sight of you was quite astounding The sound of your giggle has the earth resounding Put a crown on you, you can do what you want to All I require is some attention from you Whoever molded that skin was skilled with clay Whatever fears you got I’ll wash em all away But grass stains litter your pretty white dress And every time you speak I start to feel obsessed And messes in my room turn into confessions Bout late night crafting and much needed lessons Sleepy eyes glitter, not a sitter, but I’ll fit her Into my cigarette case laced with joints And crystal topaz Intrusive thoughts ain't never been this bad But had you not come along I think I would have squandered Any possibility of loneliness conquered Let's wander the ashes of last love lost Your softness is appealing let me make you A sauced tossed salad Or sing you another fuckin ballad How valid would these words be when rapidly processing Them into something that could be spoken I’ll never judge you when your skin is broken And I’m looking forward to when we can create A fairy house that rests by the lake Or a song that shows our musical intake Or something that makes us wanna be awake For the taking of liberties and erasure of atrocities I wanna be your 3 am call for relief I wanna know the way you paint colors on my sheets I’ll save you from the chaos of dirty old streets Ill fearlessly fight off corrupt OPD As long as I can look to you beside me Cuz B, I’m new to this Just wanna try you out, hope ur cool with it I'll tie your shoes and squeeze your tits Make the best crude pair of rebellious kids Like we don't even know what real love is But that's the fun of doing this shit Taste it, breathe it, kill it, be it Melt away into a puddle of secrets Believe it, I’m here for you I'll break my back til my lips turn blue Less shudder a smack from your mother too Desire to be wired through and through With cords unless they're made of you Take a sip of my cosmic love brew Cuz you always will be worth it World is your body and your mind is a circus Promise to never leave you deserted Keep on coming as the world keeps turnin Burn

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