Runaway Weird Witch

Published by Lali Wilde


LIVE ALBUM recorded in lali's lovely little garage with only 5 microphones! eenor wildeboar is proud of that. he helped with the set up and mixing. four songs were written by lali wilde, with guitar and drum parts later created and contributed by jiggly striech and alex franklin. the sweet sound of tearing hair was written by everyone. the interludes were improvised. Lyrics and melody: Lali Wilde Ukulele: Lali Wilde Guitar: Alex Franklin Drums: Jiggly Streich lyrics: yet to realize the reason i do this fame ain't a thing but i hope i don't miss if you wanna be rich try being a bitch conform well enough and you'll be accepted witch with the power, taller than a tower i found the divine making chains out of flowers a death drive, and a will to kill may my mind thrive may i never fall ill i indulge in ignorance too quickly progressing from being a kid mistaken for a satanist, i'll rep being a pagan my bites cause scars, my reach spreads far like (...) your soul I will draw... sugarplum houses, angry spouses lawns mowed, heart towed integrity sold drink lemonade streaming the city is screaming for the comfort of our rivals said child just smile we will all be gone in a while gerdigirl lerdigike berdigubberdiglegerdigum, merdigake yerdigou nerdigumblerdigets herdigave serdigome ferdigun, lerdigets herdigave serdigome ferdigun from a slap on the wrist xeroxed apocalypse surfing on faux interest this body don’t mean shit this body is a spaceship earth mother taught me bliss she taught me bliss i'm done wading in this in the holy moshpit there is space for a kiss there is space for a kiss berdigoy lerdigike sherdigarperdigened sperdigear, derdigaderdigy terdigaught ferdigear, derdigon’t lerdiget herdigim nerdigear, derdigon’t lerdiget herdigim nerdigear watching you from omniscience chewing ice provides a lisp experienced between the worlds ascension to goddess from being a girl born without fur, living as human with no time to learn listen, how fast the heart pulses a promise to absorb world knowledge collage my thoughts aint afraid of getting caught couldn't buy publicity with rhymes you were taught cause i'm young and you not rot my brain smoking pot, but still hot and burning bridges with my conscious spitting nonsense but may my words inspire some sense werdige erdigare erdigall ferdiguckerdiging merdigindlerdigess therdigingswerdige erdigare erdigall ferdiguckerdiging merdigindlerdigess therdigings #audio #Alternative Rock #noise #experimental #indie #rock #punk #weird

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