Injera Skin

Published by Lali Wilde


LIVE ALBUM recorded in lali's lovely little garage with only 5 microphones! eenor wildeboar is proud of that. he helped with the set up and mixing. four songs were written by lali wilde, with guitar and drum parts later created and contributed by jiggly striech and alex franklin. the sweet sound of tearing hair was written by everyone. the interludes were improvised. Lyrics and melody: Lali Wilde Ukulele: Lali Wilde Guitar: Alex Franklin Drums: Jiggly Streich lyrics: When I speak to you I feel as if i’m wearing A size too small covering up my bad taste I wish I was more prepared for the oncoming of spring in the air falling Like angels hair been frozen, now melting Who fathered me this? Mine, a lonely narcissist The wine dips and cradles spit It back up for me My skin gradually shedding until Revealing tunnels little ones made In every sick slab of me From my head down to my feet Injera skin from whole wheat Eyes peered out from holes in me Collecting dead waste to eat Recycled by biology My body could be healthy If I can break away from greed Wrap myself in cellophane Wait for the world to freeze over again The protocol is hard to follow But we will live to tomorrow To birth the newness of a nation Surviving on our contemplation And together our voices will ring From all my holes small things will spring An ice cube melts into the all knowing Thus the wretched Americans sing I carry an iron fork The size of Meier In shapes I contort My mouth gets wider When I speak to you I feel as if I’m nothing A speck of dust convulsing Waiting #audio #Alternative Rock #noise #experimental #indie #rock #punk #weird

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