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#Sea Green is the second #song from the debut #album #Travelled Tales. The track was initially inspired by Lyn's loved ones but as a listener, also applies to believing in yourself whatever you do in life with regards to your dreams and aspirations with particular reference to the lyrics #"keep in the right direction, even if it feels wrong"... and metaphorically going to the ends of the Earth for those you care about. The #song was originally written by Lyn as an instrumental piece for Piano and was first entitled 'Celtic' because of the drone like chords in the intro. During a later studio session, Lyn decided to add Sitar and vocals and thus the #track then had an Indian feel and was later titled #Sea Green with indirect reference in parts of the song to Lyn's partner, a fellow musician, his smile that lights up a room and same colour eyes to match. Trivia: Lyn was asked if the # track #Sea Green could be played as background music to a fire dance.

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Rob Dorski @RobDorski4 years ago

Impressed really liked the instrumentation! Could of done with a rap, some scratching or at least a beat box! lol Only joking! Sounds good and I wish you all the best with it x


Lyn Rajah @lynrajah4 years ago

@RobDorski Thanks Rob! I'm honoured that you liked it. :-) Funny enough I was working on an electronic track with a bit of scratching! Needs finishing though. Will keep you posted. X


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