Masten Gregory
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Nottingham, United Kingdom
Last online: 3 years ago

‘The Last of The Romantics’ (working title) is a guitar based rock/pop outfit currently being put together by me, Masten Gregory, a singer/songwriter in Nottingham and I am now looking for band members – specifically a 2nd guitarist/co-writer, keys, bass, drums and female backing vocals.

The songs I write are about love, romance, glamour, power, mystery, beauty and ecstasy. All have been written, performed and produced by me in my home studio. They are all just demos/starting points and need more lyrics, arrangements, proper drums, bass & keys etc

As well as making great music the outfit also, in some way or form, has to look great and have some real style. I’m not sure yet exactly what that’s going to be but it will be glamorous, sexy and sophisticated. Think Madmen, James Bond, Ingrid Bergman, The Killers, Paloma Faith, Florence and The Machine, George Peppard, James Dean, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn, Bryan Ferry, Duran Duran, Franz Ferdinand, The Beatles etc. Stunning visual impact is as important to me as the music.

Ultimately the aim is to create great musical theatre with a combination of style, substance and fun.

Looking for the following to ulitmately form a tight-knit band of people to co-create an oufit loosely based around what I’ve described above.

Producer: Any producers out there that like the concept and the sound.

Guitarist/Co-writer: More than anything to get things going, I’m looking for a talented rhythm/lead guitarist who can learn the rhythms, riffs and licks I come up with, come up with their own, write songs, and generally help to create the ‘sound’ of the band. The songs are missing something and need the injection of somebody else’s energy and ideas. It’s also no fun writing by yourself. Technically I’m looking for someone who gets the minimal concept of the music i.e. uses less notes but uses them well – and that every note has to count and tell a story with no noodling and twiddling. Think ‘The Edge’, Charlie Burchill (Simple Minds), Keith Richards, Noel Gallagher, George Harrison, Mark Knopfler and such like.

Bassist: Know nothing about bass except I like Adam Clayton and the great Peter Hook of New Order whose bass lines where amazing but didn’t distract from the melodies.

Drummer: Again know nothing but must be tight, solid and minimal. Not interested in anything showey that distracts from the melodies.

Female Vocalist: I think a sultry female voice would go unbelievably well with my deep one for both the main melodies and backing.

Keys: The songs need good solid piano and deep, dark synth type sounds like I’ve attempted to use on some of the tracks.

All the above is just a starting point. I’m very open to new ideas & new influences that will take it wherever it wants to go.It goes without saying of course that you must have a professional attitude, be totally committed, and ‘feel’ what I’m trying to bring alive, and of course, at heart – be a romantic.

Need to start gigging in Notts, enter competitions (OpenMic UK etc), submissions to BBC introducing and ‘movies for films’ websites etc etc. Whatever it takes.

Call me on 07954 163212

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