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Independence, United States
Last online: 9 months ago

Matty V formally known as DJ BIG.

Matty V is an upcoming DJ/Producer. He loves to mix on decks, but wants to start making his own type of music. He has been learning to produce for about 6 months. From going to school for 6 hours a day to working 4-8 hours during the week or weekend, so it’s hard for this upcoming kid to work on tunes and get known for the world out there. But on the free time, he uses it to get something done. If it’s learning how to sound design, make a melody, making a drop melody, or even a simple intro. He works hard and does his best. Some of the stuff he will make won’t sound like a heavy hitter, but he can only get better. Just give him time and keep an eye or ear out for what’s gonna be coming from him.

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