The C Side (acoustic)

Published by Meet The Zar


Everyone's to simple for my taste, Read into what I'm sayin'; it goes to waste. It took me a while to smile when everyone is fake, I said goodbye yet I spoke to late, When the world is small and we mean shit all --- It's been one real big sometimes (never came) I'm located on the right side (of your brain) It's been sometime (you'll find) Since you've felt that way; may I remind you of that day, When the world is small and just a speck of it all Teacher never tells ya when you're gonna -- -------------------------------------------- Fall -- away Down by the Seaside. It's not -- you're da-a-a-y; to burn out like a -- -- Missle that's dragged you away from here, Some things will neva be the same.. And If they should ever record that year, They'll neva see things the same -------------------------------------------- The price is far too dear, It makes most things more clear, It makes some things more clear, Yeah Written by Jack Francis #audio #Indie #Punk #Pop

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