All Washed Up

Published by Meet The Zar


I'm all washed up -- It's 10 to 9 at a half past three; As the cashier lady smiles at me; As I'm walkin' down that silver escalator. Not that broke with some money in my hand, Ain't gotta job but I'm a workin' man; And only politicians understand, why; ----------------------------------------- I'm walkin; -- I'm a talkin' -- I'm ali-ive -- yeah! ----------------------------------------- I see a broken man with a scheme in his left hand; Billboard girls from a foreign land 'bonjour comment allez vous' They say.... They've asked me twice what I'm doin' here but I can't really here and I can't even see clear and All I wanna do's get far away; ----------------------------------------- Stop your talkin; -- I'm a walkin' -- Now the cabby asks I pay before my ride... It's fuckin' disgustin' -- how we're only wanted Dead or half alive, yeah ----------------------------------------- I'm alive -- I survived; another night on the town ----------------------------------------- Now I'm half shook up on an empty gut -- I've got this woman on my mind & she beats in my heart -- And all I wanna do's get home and play; ----------------------------------------- But I just hit broke and I don't have a job, I gotta little secret and I think I'm gonna keep it (repeat) My mumma told me to 'keep your secrets son'; ahhg -- I just got nothin' to say today (for once) ----------------------------------------- You're talkin; I'm walkin, but I still got my guitar in my hand, ye On demand -- On demand -- my baby is always on demand written by J.Sibthorpe | meet the zar #audio #Punk Rock

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