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Independence, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

#Graphic Design #Creative Director #Musician #Recording Engineer #Advertising #Composer #Film Producer #Editing

Started as a Graphic Designer (Master’s Degree at La Massana, Barcelona, Spain). Then at Young and Rubicam Ad Agency i was promoted from Art Director to Creative Director (which i have been exercising on and off to this day). Then i started composing for theater and short films, and eventually ended up doing a feature film recently. Now i have a Production company which creates content for advertising and other media and produce film, short films, documentary, advertising spots, etc. I also own a small studio for recording audio and compose music for film, theater, etc.

I consider myself a hardworking professional who is never quite satisfy and thus try to reach as much as possible for excellence in every aspect of the work that i produce.

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