How to Stop Falling Asleep During Meditation?

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How to Stop Falling Asleep During Meditation? Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation, answers in this funny video :) The first couple seconds of this video may just be one of the most iconic moments in Vishen Lakhiani’s interviewing career — during Emily Fletcher’s guided meditation, Vishen seemingly fell asleep. While the director was ready to cut the sleepy scene of out of the interview, Emily excitedly jumped in and stopped him, explaining how perfect it was that Vishen “fell asleep.” Then, Emily goes on to explain how not only is this sleep-like state incredibly normal, but that it’s actually awesome. In fact, she states that you are not falling into sleep; rather, you are falling into a fourth state of consciousness — into transcendence. Watch this short video to learn more about this meditative state of transcendence (and perhaps let out a chuckle or two). IMPORTANT TIMESTAMPS: 01:10 Why this is a different type of Falling Asleep #video

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