Nicholas Hogan
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Vancouver, United States
Last online: 1 year ago
I was born in Wingham, Ontario, Canada, and raised in Quito, Ecuador. I have always been interested in Visual Arts, Animation, and Acting. After obtaining my B.A. in 3D animation and Multimedia in Ecuador, my goal was to study at the Vancouver Film School to focus on and improve my knowledge of 3D animation. ? After working for a few years in the local Ecuadorian advertisement market (two years for Filmofilm, as a 3D generalist, and then 18 months for Filmeikers, also as a 3D generalist), where I worked on several TV ads, primarily in Lightwave and After Effects, I felt I was ready to further develop my skills and grow as an artist. I moved to Vancouver and began my studies in 3D Animation at the Vancouver Film School, where I created “Space Bar”. For this film, I worked through the pipeline: concept development, storyboard, designs, models, rigging, lighting and animation. I recently completed my degree in 3D Animation this past June 20, 2012, with honours.

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