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produced by smuv old rap about a culmination of vacations to the same location. 2014 rap w/ lyrics: and I’m writing, and I’m writing, and writing, and rhyming, and writing, and rhyming, and writing, and- riding past rights and wrongs, in these sulky songs, using my fingers as thongs, i deserve to skewered to Poseidon’s trident prong, quick shout out to the self doubt, without you who knows how frugal id make my fruit move, making all the juice fucking smooth, it’s my own doing really. i choose self deprecation, over meditation, but in the end the best methods intoxication and masturbation, sweaty pores be stanking, the too forward lord, pours sweet brown sauce, on any broad that comes between his claw. ah. i’m offbeat, feeling like a top creep, it’s getting rather bleak, among your Indonesian heat, we speak in references or quotes, whatever floats ya boat, i got tunnel vision looking through the 50 cal scope, the only hope, pour more bintang down the throat, today’s bingetang my bro, stare off vacantly at a freshly littered coast, my ankles strapped and it’s like i’m surfing inland on that, stroke, stroke, stoke, stoke. #audio #Hiphop Rap #poem #indonesia #vacations #oaky #handgun #note #app #lame #mixing #done #by #a #little #child #new #zealand #auckland #rap

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