Chris Parker
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Saint Leonards, United Kingdom
Last online: 7 months ago
A Fine Art degree and teaching qualification in the early 1980’s led Chris to believe his destiny lay in education. Luckily for students everywhere, he was attracted to the bright lights of London and worked for a publishing company as a photographer. Since 1989 Chris has worked as an award-winning freelance photographer and travel writer and is based in Hastings, East Sussex. British Life Photography Awards 2015: Winner of the Weather category Highly Commended in the Street Life category Capture Jordan photography competition 2011 3rd place Travel Photographer of the Year competition 2008 Short-listed in the Joy of Travel category Travel Photographer of the Year competition 2007 Finalist in the One Planet Many Lives category Travel Photographer of The Year competition 2006 Finalist in the Single Image – Festival category The Travel Photographer of The Year 2004: Winner of the Aspects of Travel category Princess Cruises Escapes Travel Photography Awards 2004 Winner / Professional Category £10, 000 Travel Photographer of the Year competition 2003 Short-listed in the single image category Short-listed in the Spirit of Adventure category Short-listed in the People & Places category X2 photographs judges favourites
      uniE621 Carnival of Puerto de la Crux. Burial of the Sardine parade