Emergency Response Team (logo)

Published by Pedro Clemente Gonçalves

  • 1 credits The Emergency Response Team (ERT) o various types and levels of incidents that may impact normal operations within our environment. It's job is to render assistance and support, assist injured persons, prevent further damage to people, environment and company property. The company's Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) department was looking for a logo that represented any or all of the ERT roles and capabilities. The idea behind the logo was to have a main element (the cross) that represents an emergency response team, like "Red Cross" or a simple national emergency service, and connect the four types of hazards that the company's team dealt with (fires, radioactivity, hurricanes, explosions). #graphicdesign #branding #logo #photoshop #illustrator #drawing #sketch #emergency #security #health #environment

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