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Wynnewood, United States
Last online: 3 years ago
KLEBER is the alias behind Pieter Pijpops, an 18 years old Brussels student with a passion for electronic music. The beginning of his career was situated in 2011, where he gets the chance to play at a local event alongside Belgian techno "veterans" Redhead & Double U Jay. Since then he made a lot of progress. In 2013, he won the DJ Contest of the Belgian Suikerrock Festival and from then he played a lot of other events alongside a whole bunch of national and international DJ's. If you choose Kleber, you choose for a strong dose of Belgian techno that fits perfectly in the flow of the evening. References: Suikerrock, Forty Five, Huda Festival, Aftrwhat. Bookings: kllktv@hotmail.com _____________________________________________________________________________

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