Worth It All (Prod. by TheBeatPlug)

Published by PRKR Knows Best

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LYRICS: I believed the lie that love like in the movies (yeah) I believed that fame and fortune gets you all the groupies (Yeah) But we all know it's not like that, we all know it never goes down like that It never goes down like, splat. 10 stories. Suicide is what you doing when you telling stories. Stop selling dreams for a minute, ma. Yeah. Keep it for real, like you selling ice cream for a minute ma. Let's pop this cherry. I know this will be a rocky road, but I ain't fudging up the tracks. Don't you hear your beau fucking up the track, I'm focused on doing it well. Focused on doing you right, Focused on holding you tight, When you feeling lonely at night Or working too hard in the days I miss you and seeing you probably make everything nice Like tonic and lime with the ice You good with whatever Them Florida nights keep you summertime fine You beautiful, I know it just ain't my time, but till you are mine, I hope I'll put mother of pearl in your dial, HOOK Cause baby you worth that worth that worth it all... You worth that, love the way you work that work that, on your own You got it going, on, on, on, on... You got it going, on, on, on, on... (x2) VERSE 2: I don't want you thinking I'm OBSESSED with you (Baby) But I know you want me straight addicted. If you was a drug I'd probably mess with you (Baby) Couple pulls I know yo shit be HITTING. Got me all doubled over bout to double down on my promises Making them daily you got me so honest, you just like a bartender at Ace's...Or maybe you working at Starlet's I can't remember but if you were 200 proof then baby I'm an alcoholic, I'm falling way faster than Sonic catching rings, catching feelings like O'Dell for the Giants I'm sipping on you... Slow.... So that's just how I have to be with you...Know... I'm different from all of these niggas I'm not scared to let...Go...Of my fear of commitment cause shawty you get it. Unlike all these women you function with grace and you classy so listen: HOOK #audio #RB Soul #RBSoul #worth #it #all #rhymestars #beatstars #joe #budden #Contest #chance #the #rapper #prkrknowsbest #prkr #tampa #orlando #miami #south #florida #soflo #New #new #wave #music

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