Tough Love

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OFFICIAL VIDEO HERE: LYRICS: I been thinking I should get an iPhone, so when you text me, I can leave that ass on read Rather keep the green s*** w/my phone, tho I can't let you get one up on me You can't touch this here, you can't f*** with me You will never get one up on me You can't touch this here, you can't f*** with me This love s*** too tough on me Verse This is not a drill, this is not a drill (yeah) I'm going for the kill, I'm going for the kill (BLOW!!!) You just in it for the thrills, in it for the chills (yeah) Shorty, you too "in the moment"; temporary s*** Don't have it together. Switch up like the seasons, you be changing like the weather You just like the 15 minutes you get when you get on, yeah they love for the time, but that s*** don't last forever. I am just a man...I don't need to change, shorty this is who I am We might want the same things but you don't understand, we don't see the same way, you f****** up the plans Now I don't feel the same no mo, We gon leave as friends... You know the ones you never call on, Once upon a time tho, you had em in ya call log, We ain't getting married but this other s*** is called off I don't go off, I get cold on you AWOL Pre-Chorus This ain't even hard, you had one job, you had one job, girl... If you want the boy, maybe you should call, maybe you should call more... Yeah you "working hard", I don't give a damn, I don't care at all...No. You just lost one, but I'll win som'n They might think I'm petty after this one Hook (How you mean) Bout ya can't text back? You all on the Snap but you can't do chat? Flexin on the 'Gram but you can't-- #gotashortyoverseasandherasstextback And she call me. It's appalling, I don't get you. Calling. I be calling. I don't get you. But shaky wi-fi, FaceTime and it come thru. It's tearing me apart tho, because I only want you. I don't wanna lose you, I been doing that for so long I'm getting used to it. I just wanna prove to you. I can be a winner maybe I already did prove it Working on myself that's the best work to do so... Au revoir... I know what I want... I know what I need too... Maybe it's true I don't need you. Hook Why you playing games, why you f****** with the kid? Keep myself sane, I say this ain't what it is... You know she forgetful, n**** you just need to chill She just being an independent woman, man you feel me? And I'm just a lovesick, ego-driven n**** from the Southside Cursed with the s***, I can never be without mine Turning to a savage, I do not wanna be that guy, But I gotta protect my... Hook #audio #tough #love #relationships #prkrknowsbest #iphone #valentines #day #RB #Soul #New #Wave #Chill #Trap #New #upcoming #up #next #tampa #florida #miami #orlando #new #york #los #angeles #montreal #Toronto #London

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