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Artists needed for animated video trailer/concept.

Looking for: Animator
Budget: Negotiable

I am an art director and am looking for freelance artists to provide character and environment art for a animated trailer to pitch to other studios. I need artwork to provide to our video production team so that they can take the art and create a semi-animated look to the project.

My vision for the job is something a bit but friendly, like Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Coraline, etc.

Animation skills a plus.

Type of project?
Short film

Type of animation?

Style of animation?
Don’t know yet

Do you have the video storyboarded?

What styles do you like?

Do you require a voice over artist?

What kind of organisation is the animation for?
Business or nonprofit

Do you need any other services?
No, I don’t need any other services

What is most important for this project?

What’s your day rate budget range?
100-150 (Beginner)

What file type do you need the animation in?

How many freelancers would you like to pitch?

Posted 6 months ago
Last online: 6 months ago

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